A Guide for Ecommerce SEO to Increase Website Traffic

Ecommerce SEO

Customers are always searching for products that would make their lives comfortable. If there are only a few options, brands need not be concerned about sealing a spot in the SERP. But today, thousands of brands are online, and the competition is stiff. Companies need to pursue customers aggressively if they have to survive.

When it comes to e-commerce brands, their success is dependent on their website. They need to have a constant inflow of visitors to continue their business operations. Website traffic, then, is a necessary prerequisite for a steady cash flow. This post will cover crucial areas where brands should focus on more traffic. 

Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO is about improving the visibility of an online store in the search engines. When the website is more visible, the more customers it attracts. So, an e-commerce service provider helps brands increase their sales conversions by making it easier for customers to find them. Get the eCommerce SEO services of a best ecommerce seo company to improve your brand visibility.

SEO for e-commerce sites has several components. Depending on the goal, the weight given to each element can vary. Some of them are:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Optimizing Keywords
  • Optimizing Product Images
  • Creation & Optimization of Copy
  • Optimizing Category Pages
  • Optimizing social media campaigns
  • Checking Site Security
  • Monitoring Site Performance
  • Backlinks
  • Site Architecture

The term website traffic refers to the number of visitors the site receives. With every new visitor, the likelihood of sales conversions increases. So optimizing the online store is necessary for brand growth. Get the eCommerce SEO services of a company to increase your web traffic.

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Here are some techniques brands can use to up their web traffic. 

Get Creative with Instagram

Instagram is a popular social platform for millennials and Gen Z alike. It used to be a place for people to post selfies and snaps to win public attention. But now, many brands are starting to see the value Instagram could bring to their businesses. Since young people are replacing the old generation, the only way to win their trust is by being active on Instagram. An ecommerce service provider would help you develop strategies to target Gen Z on Instagram. 

In 2017, Instagram unveiled Shopping Tags for business profiles. The decision is to help brands promote their businesses in creative ways. Some ways of using Instagram to increase web traffic include:

  • Link Bios + Effective CTAs: Instagram allows people and companies to add descriptions about themselves. Including the website link in the bio would make the website more visible to customers. Combining the site link with a powerful CTA would boost traffic. Brands can add CTAs before the link to encourage customers to click.
  • Tag Products: Instagram allows users to tag products to identify the product name. When someone taps the tag, they will see the product image and a CTA. The CTA “View on Website” will take people to the online store. Instagram allows five tags in photos and videos so that e-commerce brands can use the feature to drive web traffic.
  • Leverage Instagram Stories: Social stories in WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram allow people to update their status and whereabouts. Brands can link their website links in Stories for more traffic. Since more users check Stories, it is wise to concentrate on this area for traffic.
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Invest in a High-Quality Blog

Blogs help companies connect with their customers more naturally. They can write about topics that resonate with customers to establish emotional ties and trust. If they need help, they can also get help from an ecommerce service provider.

A well-written blog that gives customers enormous value for the time spent will keep customers coming back for more. Blogging can help brands establish leadership and authority over other brands in the same industry. Customers seek expert solutions, so companies can position themselves as experts to gain more site visitors. Here are some tips to attract more customers through blogging:

  • Stick to your brand message: Companies should represent their brand and the message in all their posts. If they use their blog to communicate the brand values, they can win loyal customers.
  • Capitalize on the titles: Customers first see the titles and then only the content. So, it is necessary to write titles that capture people’s attention. The title must be direct and more down-to-earth. They should capture the essence of the article in a few words.
  • Diversify the posts: Customers will get bored if they read about the same topic. So, it is necessary to cover related subjects as well. Listening to customer queries would help in picking niches that appeal to them.
  • Post Consistently: To keep customers engaged, it is necessary to be consistent in publishing posts. It adds an element of predictability and shows professionalism. So, posting content at fixed times would drive website traffic.
  • Make it shareable: The blog will go viral only if people share it. When customers find blog posts interesting, they will share them with their friends. So, adding a “Share” button would bring more web traffic to the e-commerce site.
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Set up a Customer Loyalty Program

More than other types of marketing, word-of-mouth referrals are the surefire way to get more customers. So, focusing on retaining existing customers is essential to winning new ones. If brands want customers to stay, they should provide incentives. So, companies need to build customer loyalty programs to retain them.

Every human seeks profit, and no one wants to suffer loss in a transaction. If that is so, companies can show how their company is more profitable for the customer. One way to do this is by giving loyalty programs where customers earn loyalty points for every purchase. After a while, customers can use the points to discount the price of their products.

Customers happy with the loyalty program would spread the word. That would bring new customers who want to try the loyalty program. The loyalty program increases repeat purchases and drives more traffic to the site. So, companies should focus on creating powerful CTAs to encourage customers to join the loyalty programs.

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