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Social Media Audit

Social media research is a tool that identifies flaws in your marketing strategies. It provides essential information about the behavior of your customers and visitors regarding your product. Social media audit helps you choose market strategies that will help you achieve business objectives.

It’s easier for the company to decide when to launch campaigns and complete the audit process. Before conducting the social media audit, you need to answer the following questions about the relationship between the company and the web audience.

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⦁ Does the Facebook page have an older audience?
⦁ Does twitter add more audience?
⦁ Can book research help identify those inconsistent profiles?

Factors to Consider in Social Media Research

Advertisers should research to see if they are getting the expected results. Here are the significant parts they need to look at.

1. When Sales Increase

A social media audit is a platform where companies advertise their products. Some products require a lot of work when promoted using Facebook. The seller must ensure they receive the proceeds from the sale. Therefore companies can determine profits and identify areas that need to be improved.

2. If they have a Communication Policy

Social media policies give companies the right to manage their accounts. The policy limits the languages used in a social media audit account. There is also information on individual roles on the page, so everyone will know who should deal with it in an emergency.

3. If the Product Image Remains the Same on All Pages

The company logo, language, and motto must be the same across all social media accounts. So the audience will always recognize the product once they have seen it.

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How to Perform Auditing

1. Identify All Required Profiles

It will be easy to find if the marketer organizes all files with a well-integrated marketing strategy. However, some will have fallen by the side of the road. You will find most of them on a few renowned platforms.

2. Take Information Records

It’s essential to create a spreadsheet to record each profile platform. Other information you need to register includes the URL, who received it, and the number of followers. Keep track of how often the profile is updated and how frequently viewers respond to their comments.

3. Ensure Completion of Profile

You must go through each profile to ensure that you fill all input spaces. The information to be completed depends on the communication forum. Moreover, the shape varies depending on the device the person is using when viewing.

4. Ensure Consistency and Deviation

Videos and other content must match with the profile. However, you can use a unique concept for each profile. Logos and names must be the same for all profiles, and any existing color must be the same within the product.

5. Check the Market

The markets rotate around various platforms. Google plus is for men, and Pinterest is for women. To know if a profile reflects the goals and strategies, look at what kind of people it attracts. The marketer should also check the interaction between views and posted content. Comprehensive customer services are extended online, and complaints are addressed promptly and privately.

6. Set Goals for Yourself

After reviewing the profiles, focus on the future and explore what needs improvement. Come up with goals, including adding more followers, responses, and comments. If you have completed, keep the audit results for future reference.

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