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It comes down to three things to rank high on Google today, and this is an update over a year ago, mainly due to the new Google Page Experience Algorithm. If you want to Rank high with SEO, BBMarketing is a platform that knows the best Algorithm.

1 Content

If you want to rank high for a keyword phrase, it should go without saying that you need to have a fair amount of content on your site that includes that phrase! So many people ask why they don’t rank, and it comes down to limited and poor content. Do you want to discover the very worst marketing phrase? It’s known as “SEO content.”

Too many individuals regard to content as a commodity, mass-produced without regard for the value it might provide to end consumers.

Content without value is spam.

 If you truly want to rank, you must first comprehend the following question:

  • How is your material superior to the existing top-ranking content for your keyword?
  • Because why would Google rank you higher if your content does not satisfy the user in a way that other content does?

Begin by considering how you might provide value to your keyword theme.

There are many different types of value. 

While Google gives hints and rules on analyzing material, it usually involves a combination of utility, trust, authority, and user experience. 

In simple words, you want your website to be the one that fulfills the user the most thoroughly for their supplied term.

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Making your SEO content the best can not only help you satisfy your visitors but also help you develop links, increase user engagement, and defend yourself against future algorithmic changes.

What methods do we use to create value? 

We start by determining intent.

2 Authority Links

What’s your “network” look like? If power, high-traffic, and high Domain Authority websites link to you, it boosts your credibility and authority. This is your “network,” and it matters! It’s often referred to as “off-page SEO” because it doesn’t happen on your website but on other sites of authority linking back to you for the key terms you want to be known for and rank for.

3 Speed and Experience

Google’s new algorithm update, referred to earlier, the Google Page Experience Algorithm, is the real deal. It’s seeing sites not ranking as well this year as they did last year for the specific reason of this Google algorithm update. Sites that are loading slow on mobile and have page navigation or reading experience for mobile users are falling in ranking fast.

Google’s criteria are not simple! The speed they want to see is fast, and even to continue to work on my site to bring the rate up to the levels needed. Google Console is a must because Google tells you what is wrong and fails the Core Web Vitals assessment.

Take Action!

Do you hear what the weakness is in your site? Do you need to check your Google Page Speed or integrate Google Console so you can see what Google says about your website? Take action about this issue.

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BBMarketing has an experienced SEO team that helps you to rank high on google with SEO. Seo is the main factor for ranking. You can rank on high with professional services.

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