Steps to follow for eCommerce SEO in 2021


Any business needs to be ranked higher than its competitors in search engines. Plus, it’s not enough to just be on the first page of Google search results. SEO strategies help businesses improve their search engine rankings, resulting in brand visibility and increased sales. So, whether you are a startup or an existing eCommerce business, you need to start implementing eCommerce SEO techniques to grow your business.

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Businesses have also

E-commerce SEO generates the highest ROI in the marketing campaigns of eCommerce businesses, however, many businesses do not value it as much as they deserve. Businesses rely heavily on social media marketing and PPC campaigns to drive traffic to their websites. For an e-commerce business, POS data is very important.

While these are good strategies, eCommerce SEO seems to be far more effective than these strategies. This is because once you invest in SEO, Automated Pilot takes the lead in ranking your website without incurring additional costs.

Businesses have also begun to take advantage of robotic process automation in their SEO practices. It helps with content editing, keyword creation, backlink building and monitoring, monitoring rankings, blog updates, and social media posting.

What is SEO and why is it important for E-commerce websites?

Search engine optimization is a process of improving your website with trending and relevant keywords to rank your website higher on search engines like Google. There are 2 types of SEO – on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Google has several algorithms for ranking a website based on which the search query is best answered.

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Take a look at some of these statistics to understand the importance of SEO for your e-commerce website:

  • 44% of people start online shopping by searching on Google
  • Search engines are the source of 37.5% of all traffic on e-commerce websites.
  • 26% of orders of e-commerce websites are a direct result of organic traffic
  • 57% of B2B marketers state that as compared to other marketing initiatives, SEO generated more leads

Here are the strategies you can use in your eCommerce SEO campaign:

  •       Keyword research – Identify the popular and trendy words and phrases that people enter into search engines to rank your content with those keywords.
  •       On-page SEO– Optimize your web pages to rank higher and increase relevant traffic through search engines.
  •       Technical SEO– This includes optimizing your website so that Google and other search engines can crawl and index your web pages. This includes rendering and website architecture.
  •       Content Marketing– This is a marketing technique that involves creating and sharing videos, social media posts, blogs, etc. Content marketing is more about consumers’ interest in their products and services than directly promoting the brand.
  •       Link Building– This includes increasing the quality of your website’s internal links to increase search engine rankings.
  •       Measuring the success of SEO – Use a variety of tools to measure the performance and success of your SEO campaign and audit the website.

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