What is the Best Solution for Transactional and Marketing Emails

Marketing Emails

Optimizing and marketing your email for conversion doesn’t need to be about newsletters and abandoned cart campaigns – you can often achieve great results with a simple confirmation email.

You may lose many marketing opportunities and irritate many customers when your business’ transactional emails aren’t delivered on time. Because of this, you should make sure to utilize an effective transactional email provider for your online store; otherwise, your customers will feel left out in the cold, and they may abandon it completely.

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What is Transactional Emails?

A transactional email is an email that you receive whenever you make a purchase on a website or create an account. An email sent to a customer in response to a specific action is defined as a transactional email, typically after the customer makes a purchase or sets up an account. The emails are personalized as well as a form of email automation, triggered by any transactions that may have taken place. Even though transactional emails can be triggered by pretty much anything, they are usually used for the following:

  • Confirmations of orders and shipments
  • Alerts related to tracking numbers
  • Payment receipts and invoices
  • The process of resetting passwords
  • Sending welcome emails when creating an account

The purpose of transactional emails is not purely marketing, but they are still a marketing opportunity when used properly since they serve a practical purpose for the customer. Whenever you open an online store or engage in an email-based business, you have to optimize the customer experience from all angles.

E-mail marketing is beneficial to any business or store for several reasons. E-mail marketing, in particular, seems highly versatile. A business email is an excellent way to meet your customers’ needs and promote your business.

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Reasons Why You Should Outsource Emails to a Transactional Service

Businesses must send transactional emails to their customers. It doesn’t matter if you are the marketing agency trying to draft beautiful transactional emails or build fast-sending timelines over the phone. This is why it is important to use a transactional email service.

Increase Message Delivery Speed

The fact that Gmail has a certain amount of limitations when sending emails is no longer a secret, and that could be the primary reason you choose another email service. The chances are the same when you have your email server. You are limited to sending emails each day even if you are hosting on a shared server.

The problem is the same whether it is a public or private server since sending thousands of emails at once can be a difficult technical task you do not want. It is why you will find logos of a variety of companies on websites that offer transactional email services. The reason is that it’s easier, smoother, and better to use a service that’s only focused on sending emails.

It may be necessary to hire a certified Magento developer to integrate your existing server or new server to spend double or triple the amount of emails you typically send. If you use an email sending service, you can quickly and easily send hundreds or thousands of emails to prospects or customers.

Delivery assurance

Second, delivery assurance is a great reason to outsource your transactional email. Despite having your server and platform to send messages, there is a problem called deliverability.

Although you may technically send emails, there is a slim to none chance they will end up in the inbox. In today’s world, most email service providers scan emails to make sure their messages are not considered spam. There were a lot of emails being sent, so they checked the IP address that was used to send them.

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Service that checks the IP addresses of both recipients to eliminate spam and check if the message is good in general or not. When it comes to securing the platform you send emails to, Magento developer for hire is the ideal option because you’ll be assured of high-level security.

When you are not on the allowed list of recipients, there is a high possibility that the email you sent with your IP address is considered spam. It is recommended to check before you send emails to prevent the emails from being marked as spam. The most reliable way to ensure delivery assurance is through an email service provider.

Take your email to the next level

In comparison to the hassle of maintaining yet another service, which you don’t have experience with, email service delivery seems much more attractive. Additionally, it offers several additional features, which makes it a good choice.

Amazon SES, for example, offers email services geared exclusively toward email delivery and is priced accordingly. Most other email clients afford you far more control over your emails, however, such as advanced stats, notifications, and filters. There are amazing things you can accomplish with some coding, or by exploring the stats dashboards.

To provide customers with a more tailored shopping experience, it allows you to segment them into different customer groups. By utilizing Customer Specific Product & Price Extension for Magento 2, the administrator will be able to assign different products to customer groups or individual customers and set an individualized price for each of them. Customers can also be directed to a logged-in page when they click on specific categories, products, or subcategories. 

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A properly configured email service gives you the power to customize your email flow, keep people engaged, and more, all for a fraction of what it costs to code detailed email analytics yourself.

Top Transactional Email Services 

Transactional providers are more than just your typical email provider, such as Gmail or Outlook. With transactional email services, you are free to choose the best and most advanced features you wish to use. Here, you will learn about some of those services you can use for your email infrastructure. 

1. Sendinblue

Feature: – Better deliverability, a dedicated IP, more than emails

Pricing: – Free plan: 0$/month, Premium plan: $66/month to $173/month

2. Amazon SES

Features: – Content personalization, email monitoring, email receiving, multiple email sending

Pricing: – You will not be charged for the first 62,000 emails you send each month

After 1,000 emails, $0.10

3. Postmark

Features: – Customize emails, easy to edit, high-level reporting and analytics

Pricing: – $0/month – for 100 emails, $10/month starting to $1,200/month ending.

Transactional email providers must satisfy several factors, including high delivery rates, advanced statistics, integration with websites, and individualized emails. However, you should also consider factors such as pricing and email volume. It isn’t a good idea to spend too much money on emails that you don’t need or to exceed your email limit too early.

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