Two Sides of Email Marketing to Assess its Effectiveness

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a traditional way and still works, offering a lot of benefits to the companies and the customers. Although there are many marketing techniques available that offer you guaranteed results, mail marketing is one of the preferred techniques.

It is a fast, flexible and reliable source of marketing. It is a cost-effective way and reaches out to a vast horizon of customers.

The traditional marketing method

Email marketing is efficient in its approach and efficiently reaches the customers. It creates personalized messages and is an excellent way to relationships building with your clients.

Also, it improves the response rates of the customers by correctly approaching them. Many businesses implement new marketing ways to increase their customer base.

To implement these expensive methods, many marketers borrow unsecured personal loans and invest money in such methods. The cover-up of the costs outcome has to outweigh the input.

However, anything overused and used exhaustively loses its effect and relevance. Mail marketing may irritate people and reduce the effectiveness of the product.

Benefits of email marketing


When you apply marketing methods, some may be infiltration mode while some may not. Email marketing works on filter mode, and you can choose people you want to add to your list.

Selecting interested people will give you better results and will make your marketing technique a success.

Flexible design

You can be flexible with your design, font, and text in email marketing. You can either attach files or go for a bling text as per your customers and products.

The main motive is to convey your message and design to your customers for effective brand building.


As compared to the other marketing methods, email marketing is a sustainable method in terms of money and does not cost much. In fact, it costs much lower than other methods as it involves no marketing fees and additional costs.

There is no need to borrow hardcore lending options. These will only add more debts against your credit profile. Instead, you should look beyond these and go for more convenient options like bad credit loans with no guarantor. It is a cost-effective method and does not involve unnecessary sums of money for its implementation.

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You can adjust your customer list as per your needs. You can either cater to a large number of audiences, or you can reach a smaller number of audiences. Business and products range are important factors considered while opting for email marketing.

Personalization of Email

You can personalize your message with email marketing. Also, you can segregate your customer list to send your message access to your audience list so that the customers will receive the messages they are interested in.

This will increase your customer engagement and grow your business.


An email is easy to share and forward. It can be forward through any phone, laptop, or tablet. You do not need a specialized device to forward and share it.

Sharing helps to build your business, make your email content reach a broader place. This will attract new customers increase your customer base.

Testing before sending email

Before sending an email, you can check it with a test mail and give it a personal touch in case of a discrepancy. You can make it more effective before sending it to your customers.

Less interfering

Email marketing helps the customers to read them whenever it is convenient for them. Unlike other methods, if the customers do not respond, you have to contact them again.

But with email, reaches the customers, and then they can read at their discretion. Also, if they do not like it, they can unsubscribe anytime and choose not to receive the messages again.

Environmentally friendly

Email marketing is much better than other marketing methods as it does not harm the environment in any form. No paper is wasted, no emissions are there, and resources are exhausted.

Disadvantages of email marketing


There are many email messages that we do not wish to receive as it may seem irritating. It is essential to target your messages to the right people. Else here are high chances of being unsubscribed by the customer.

 It is essential to make sure that your email marketing strategy complies with privacy and data protection. Only people who want to receive it should receive it else, which may cause a privacy issue.

You can study and learn email and privacy marketing laws to be more ethical and responsible for your actions and marketing strategies.  

Undelivered email

Many times, an email may be undelivered to the recipient if your email contains a specific keyword that is being rated spam, it may land up in the spam folder of the mailbox and do not reach the recipient.

For example, £££s, FREE, click here, is likely to be considered as spam mails and are filtered out of the process. Ensure to update your marketing lists from time to time and do not indulge in spam marketing.

Also, putting an incorrect email address will land you nowhere. Insert the correct email address to make your message reach the right recipient.

Design problems

Your email should be uniformly designed to address all platforms and providers. If anybody opts out of the text-only emails or only emails, you have to plan to reach out to such customers as well.


New techniques have changed the face of marketing, such as SEO, social media marketing, etc. Amidst these shiny marketing methods, email marketing may not seem as bright as these are. But email marketing has its own benefits that outweigh some of the benefits of these latest marketing methods.