In honour of their sacrifice, we should help IDF soldiers


These lonely soldiers can be supported and cared for through donations. Soldiers would receive hot meals or food shipments during Shabbat and the holiday seasons. 

Nearly half of the IDF’s troops are not citizens of Israel, yet they serve without families? Only a small number of soldiers are recruited from families that abandoned or abused them as children.

The troops are forgotten by the rest of the world while they celebrate festivals and Shabbat. Serving our country is not an easy task for these soldiers. Meir Panim assists IDF personnel in any way that we can

Food insecurity, hunger, and emotional distress can be addressed through a cohesive community, according to Meir Panim. You can connect to the soldier with us. Through us, you can support IDF soldiers more easily and be part of good work. 

Be part of the Meir Panim IDF Soldier support project

We care about everyone who needs our help, whether they are combat soldiers or fresh recruits, handicapped veterans or their suffering families. Showing your support and gratitude toward IDF soldiers by inviting them to Shabbat or holiday dinners is a wonderful gesture. Every time our defenders request it, we’ll serve them a tasty lunch. When we see a soldier in need, we immediately offer a helping hand.

Contribute to Meir Panim and be a part of Noble work

Do you want to work for a non-profit organization that helps people? Caring for Israel’s poor and needy must take into account these concerns. When you give to Israel, when you give to Meir Panim, you can trust that your money will be put to good use.

Among the programs you can donate to are Youth Clubs, The Power of Giving, After-School Clubs, Meals for Children, Grocery Shopping Cards, Food Packages, Free Restaurants, Fighting Coronavirus, and Helping the Poor on Purim, for example. The following currencies are accepted for donations: Israeli Shekels, British Pounds, and US Dollars. Be a part of Nobel work with Meir Panim.

You  can come forward to support the IDF soldier 

You may participate in this humanitarian endeavour. The IDF believes in Israel’s sovereignty and independence as well as a more united world. We at Meir Panim want to support IDF soldiers like you. Our goal is to raise funds for soldiers who are serving in Israel without the support of their families. Israel’s border is guarded by young Jews from outside the country. Donate whatever you can to join us. Remember that the future of Israel depends on your support for IDF soldiers.