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Shopify was founded in 2004 and has since grown to become one of the most comprehensive and dependable eCommerce software platforms available in Los Angeles today. According to Shopify experts in Los Angeles, Shopify has a 23 percent market share in the hosting systems used by the top 1 million eCommerce websites.

For design and development, one of the most significant factors contributing to merchants’ decision to use Shopify is the convenience with which it can be used, as well as the availability of many themes. We would also like to throw some light on the following Cart2Cart migration data, which shows that Shopify was the most popular platform for eCommerce owners to migrate to in 2021, according to the statistics.

Shopify is a fantastic platform for anyone in the eCommerce sector. Foremost, you do not need to be concerned about extra server fees since they are included in your plan and provide additional services like access to software, security, customer support, and a variety of other benefits. We’d like to walk you through some of the most convincing arguments for migrating your eCommerce website to Shopify:

Pricing worth your Enterprise

Besides the basic Shopify plans already accessible on the market, our goal as a development firm is to provide the most appropriate corporate-grade solution. We operate with the Shopify Plus enterprise-grade plan, which begins at a monthly cost of 2,000 USD and may incur extra charges depending on your requirements.

As a merchant, if you are hoping to sell thousands of goods that are subjected to daily transactions, the pricing of Shopify Plus and its extra features are the best match for your business. That the cost is reasonable from the first day of signing is the most significant source of convenience.

You may examine the options for downgrading, upgrading, and canceling your Shopify account.

Besides the technical aspects of the platform, we would like to walk you through a list of the interesting reasons your company should Shopify in the following section:

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1. A full-fledged app store awaits you

Many extra functions and features may be integrated via the Shopify App Store. Their app store has over two thousand applications that may assist you in managing your eCommerce company, growing it, and even getting it off the ground. Mail Chimp, Bold Subscriptions, and a few additional extensions are among those that we recommend. They each have their own set of objectives. They are appropriate solution providers for a wide range of company issues and challenges.

What is the most enjoyable aspect? Using the app store, you may search for extensions relevant to your sector and choose a theme that complements the overall feel and style of your company.

2. A reliable eCommerce solution

The average uptime for all Shopify servers is 99.8 percent, which is excellent. It also gives a limitless amount of capacity, which is beneficial in dealing with the increased volume of traffic on the internet. The most important thing to remember about this company is that they have a dedicated crew for platform maintenance, which helps to reduce downtime and may enable you to focus on other business functions.

You would always be at peace knowing that your company is functioning smoothly online if you paid less attention to downtime, which is perhaps one of the most interesting reasons to transfer to Shopify from another platform.

3. The support team at your disposal

Shopify also has a specialized customer service staff to assist its loyal customers. They are accessible by live chat, phone, and email at all hours of the day, every day of the year. Having worked with several Shopify clients over the years, we have seen their proactive approach to fixing platforms and identifying the quickest and most cost-effective solution while saving time for their customers. Their help center is one of our favorites! It has a variety of lessons and materials that will assist you in selling things and getting started on time.

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Another important reason we strongly endorse Shopify Plus is that, since its creation, this cloud-based solution for online businesses and retail point of sale systems has gained a great deal of recognition and confidence. It is the driving force behind over 600,000 company initiatives and generates over 82 billion USD revenues. In less than fifteen years.

Shopify has had a significant effect on the direction of how eCommerce is developing for items. We are noticing an increase in the number of new merchants using this platform to host their online businesses.

4. Transparent Fee Structure

Various price levels are available on Shopify, which is a totally open shop. You won’t have to be concerned about getting a surprise bill or being charged for something you didn’t realize you were being paid for until after the fact. While the corporate price includes a slew of options, as an agency, you can rely on Shopify and us to inform you exactly how every dollar spent on a powerful eCommerce shop is being spent properly.

5. SEO friendly and extremely beneficial for better ranking

Another important reason we highly advise customers to switch to Shopify is their outstanding SEO capabilities. Your product URLs would certainly change because of the migration. However, the consensus is that this will have no negative impact on your search engine rankings, shape, or form. We pay great attention to this specific characteristic.

It is easy for a Shopify development company to create the appropriate redirects for the page, minimize modifications to the page itself, and then check for duplicate changes and page performance while monitoring your page’s overall performance. A common fallacy that prevents individuals from moving to a better platform is the fear of losing their SEO rankings. However, this is not the case.

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However, here’s how we choose to see the silver lining: Use high-performing keywords, reduce the length of URL strings, and submit your site to a more compact and user-friendly directory that will help you improve your SEO while simultaneously raising your income.

6. Secure hosting and even more secure transactions

Your hosting information, as well as your account information, is always safe with Shopify! In order to ensure that their customer always feels safe, they have put a large amount of money and work into it. They have achieved Level PCI accreditation, which shows their commitment. Besides protecting an online business, our industry-leading security product protects both the server that hosts the site and the shopping cart it hosts.

7. Ease of scalability

Shopify is prepared to take on scalability, which is critical for your company’s success. Your capacity to scale will define the extent to which you will expand and achieve success. Shopify Plus, the enterprise-grade solution, is specifically designed for this purpose. We would assign you a Merchant Success Manager when we have completed the development of your shop. This person will assist you in setting up your company objectives and positioning your store for future growth.


Shopify is the greatest e-commerce platform for developing companies with a wide variety of requirements. It may be difficult and time-consuming to move your Shopify shop if you use another platform. We are a Shopify development service and we have a team of Shopify professionals that can assist you with your Shopify migration. For setting up your business on Shopify, we’ll help you with everything from importing your website data to locating the Shopify applications that will best serve your business’s needs. Assuring a successful migration! 

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