10 Reasons to Avail a Golden Triangle Tour India in New Year

10 Reasons to visit Golden triangle of India

Golden triangle India is the most attractive tourist place. However, it includes Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. Thousands of tourists visit the unseen beauty of the golden triangle every year. The culture, glory, and history of each place attract many visitors. Moreover, the nature and beauty of each location make it the golden triangle tour India. 

The tourist from each corner of the world came to visit the beautiful destinations of the golden triangle India tour. On a golden triangle trip, you can visit street shops to get different things at a cheap rate. Besides this, the hand arts of Delhi and Jaipur attract each and every person. Those who are not visiting the golden triangle; miss one of the best parts of traveling.  

However, the best part of the golden triangle is ancient architecture and a variety of food. At each destination, you get a variety of food that is delicious. Besides this, the sweet dishes are unique and mouth-watering. You can spend the golden period of your life on India’s golden triangle tour

Moreover, you can select air, road, and train trips to visit each place. During travel, you can also enjoy the beauty of nature of each place. Thus one must see this place with family, friends, or loved ones. It is the most affordable tourist place for each people. 

In this article, you get some reasons to visit the golden triangle of India below. 

Top 10 Reasons for Avail a Golden Triangle Tour of India

Jaipur, Delhi, and Agra tour is the most satisfying tour. You can enjoy and get many different things throughout the tour. Let’s learn some important reasons to visit golden triangle India. 

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Get Peaceful Journey

In the golden triangle of India, you can get air, train, and road trip chance. However, throughout the journey, you can enjoy the beauty of nature. If you decide to travel by land transport,  you can feel the amazing climates of different places. Moreover, the sunrise and sunset of each location give you great melting views. Additionally, you can enjoy the beautiful meadows while traveling by train. As compared to other tourist places, you can see the high mountains, waterfalls, and other overwhelming beauties of nature here.

Heritage of Delhi
The Red fort delhi

Every Indian has a dream to visit Delhi once, as it is the capital of India. However, you can see India Gate, Jama Masjid, Lotus temple, red fort, and Qutub Minar in Delhi. Each place of Delhi has its separate attraction factors. The India Gate is the symbol of tribute to our late Indian soldiers.

However, the architecture of the lotus temple attracts most people every year. The Jama Masjid is prepared with white marbles and red sandstone. The fantastic architecture of the Jama Masjid makes it different from others. Besides this, you can also visit other famous places in Delhi during your golden triangle tour.

Mouth-watering North Indian Dishes
north indian street food

North Indian dishes have another fan base. However, the spices and the preparation technique of each north Indian dish are unique. You can discover these north Indian foods during your golden triangle India tour. The amazing street foods of Delhi are another attraction point. Moreover, the mouth-watering taste of Chole bhature, Kulcha, Kabab, Gol Gappe, and Aloo Tikki Chat is famous in Delhi. Thus it is the best reason to visit the golden triangle once.

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To Feel the Peaceful Moments of Sufism
Sufi dargah of delhi

Sufism and Qawwali sessions are very famous in Delhi. There you get peaceful moments. However, you can get heart-warming Sufi music every evening in the Nizamuddin Dargah. Huge numbers of devotees join this peaceful moment to feel the god. Every Dargah and masjid of Delhi must have the Qawwali session in a week.

Overwhelming Beauty of Taj Mahal
Taj mahal

The beauty of the Taj Mahal attracts most foreign tourists. However, the architect of the Taj mahal gives overwhelming views. Taj Mahal is the symbol of love. Moreover, it describes the love and dedication of Shah Jahan toward Mumtaz. It is also known as a wonder of the world.

Know the History of Mughals

As Agra is a part of the golden triangle you must visit it during your golden triangle tour of India. It describes the Mughal Emperors. However, every place in Agra has a Mughal history. You can also visit the Agra fort. However, the glorious history of Agra makes it a beautiful and exciting place.

Sweet Dishes of Agra
Sweet Dishes of Agra

Petha is one of the famous sweet dishes of Agra. Here you can find different flavors of Petha, which gives you a delicious feeling. And you can also get candy-flavored Petha which is famous in Agra. You must taste this unique sweet once in your life.

Pink city Jaipur
Pink city Jaipur

Jaipur is describing the glory of raja Maharajas. However, the history of the Rajput clan makes this place unique. Every place of Jaipur was built with different crafts. The unique tradition and culture of Rajput give you a different and fantastic feeling during your tour. Fatehpur Sikri and the amber fort have unique and eye-catching views. you can feel the royal culture of India here.

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Handicrafts and Puppets of Jaipur
Puppets of Jaipur

Jaipur is the city of handcrafts and puppets. However, the amazing designed dresses, lehengas, shawl, and careers you get from here. Besides this, you get handcrafted jooti which gives your foot a fantastic look. The puppets of Jaipur are famous worldwide.

Street Shops of Jaipur
Street Shops of Jaipur

Another attraction of Jaipur is old street shops. These shops are full of hand-crafted bags, clothes, and shoes. Moreover, you can get attractively designed dresses at a very cheap rate here. Besides this, Johari Bazar of Jaipur is famous for Rajasthan handmade products. You can also enjoy the delicious foods of the Rajasthan at every hotel and restaurant of Jaipur. You must try dal Bati Churma, the famous Rajasthani food during your golden triangle tour of India.

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Finally, the golden triangle tour gives you unique experiences, memories, and peace. It is the most beautiful holiday destination for all. During the tour, you can enjoy nature’s beauty along with delicious food. If you are planning for your holidays, you must visit the golden triangle of India to discover the unseen beauty and history of India.

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