What Hair Restoration Techniques are Right for you?

Hair Restoration Techniques

Are you looking for an effective hair restoration technique because you are suffering from severe hair loss? You must have searched the internet and browsed several health websites in this quest. Hair loss can easily stop and tackle with several hair restoration techniques. These are classified into two categories i.e. surgical and non-surgical. Both types are effective and yield results depending upon the condition of your scalp and the extent of the damage. 

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However, people do not know which technique is right for them and they mostly end up spending money on the wrong treatment option. In this article, we will discuss some effective hair restoration techniques and will help you in determining the best-suited one.

Hair Restoration Techniques 

If you want professional treatments to restore your hair growth, you can adopt the following procedures;

  • Dubai hair transplant is the most sought after hair restoration procedure that gives permanent results and brings back your lost natural hairline. Both FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques are effective in this regard.
  • There is a new automated FUE procedure known as Robotic hair transplant which is also a promising addition to the surgical hair restoration techniques.
  • Hair loss medications are also helpful in this regard like minoxidil and finasteride. 
  • Acell/PRP hair restoration is an incredible non-surgical way of fighting hair loss and strengthening hair.
  • Nowadays, lasers are also commonly use in cosmetic treatments. One such treatment is laser hair loss treatment which stops hair fall and stimulates hair growth.
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What is Hair Transplant?

It is a surgical procedure in which hair from the donor area is taken and transplanted to a recipient area. The donor area is the part of your scalp where there is sufficient hair whereas the recipient area is the part of the scalp where there is no hair. The donor area is mostly the back of your head but if you don’t have sufficient hair on your scalp then body hair can also be used for transplantation. Hair transplant is a very old procedure that has been known since the 1950s but its techniques have drastically changed over time.

Techniques of Hair Transplantation 

There are two main techniques of hair transplant which have further modifications. The two main techniques include;

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation FUT
  • Follicular Unit Extraction FUE 

FUE hair transplant surgery in Dubai is further classified into two more hair restoration techniques that are modern ways of performing the FUE hair transplant procedure. These techniques of hair restoration are known as;

  • Robotic Hair Transplant 
  • Stem Cell Hair Transplant

Which technique is right for me?

There is a candidacy criterion for every treatment. You can be an ideal candidate for a procedure if you meet that criteria. Every treatment is not suitable for every person. Only a hair restoration surgeon can guide you on whether a hair loss treatment is right for you or not. Consult with a surgeon and get your scalp examination properly. Also, learn about the best possible solution for your hair loss in detail. 

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