Rules for washing your face: The Dos and the Don’ts

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You would think that something as basic as washing your face is a no brainer, right? It is perhaps one of the only skincare routines that you have nailed because hello, what’s so difficult in cleaning your face?

Well, you’d be wrong to presume that. Much like the rest of the skincare principles, the art of washing your face is not quite as straight forward as most people make it out to be

Cleaning your face the right way marks the dangerous space between having a clean skin, and having breakouts. Good cleansing routine also allows your skin to get rid of the debris and pathogens that get accumulated on the skin. It also then makes the skin look fresher as well. 

Although those with skin conditions should follow the advice dispensed by the Best Skin Specialist in Karachi, the rest can read on to find the rules of washing your face. 

The dos

Do wash your face twice a day

It is important that you wash your face in the morning, so that you can get rid of any gunk accumulated during the night; your pillow may be clean otherwise, but it still has particles and bacteria on the surface that need to be cleaned then. 

Moreover, it is also important that you wash your face before going to bed, so that you can get rid of all the dirt etc. gathered during the day. 

Do remove your makeup first 

Repeat after us: facewash does not substitute for a makeup cleanser. Not all makeup gets removed by the face wash, and it thus stays on the skin, causing damage in its wake. 

Hence, take your makeup removed or micellar water to first remove the makeup. Pay special attention to your waterproof eye makeup. 

Do get a mild cleanser 

Unless you have acne and need more robust form of facewash to help with oil control, you should stick to the mild cleansers. Otherwise, the product might be too harsh, removing the natural oil on your skin, leaving it dull and dry. 

Try to reach for the face washes that categorically mention suitable for dry skin. Many people like going for the ones that foam; that’s a big no-no since to foam, the product then needs to carry harsh chemicals that can be bad for your skin. 

The don’ts 

Don’t forgo the routine  

You are bone tired and the temptation to simply crawl into bed is great, but you mustn’t. It is pertinent that you wash your face before going to bed, and once after waking up. 

Don’t use a bar of soap 

Leave the bar of soap for cleaning your hands only. Your facial skin is more delicate, and the harsh soaps can strip off the oils from your skin. Consequently, skin becomes dry. 

Not only is dry skin itchy, but it is more prone to breaking, which makes it easier for the pathogen to attack your skin. Furthermore, dry skin also can prompt the oil-producing glands to go into an overdrive, thereby increasing the risk of breakouts. 

Hence, get yourself a good face wash and use it alone to wash your face. 

Don’t use hot water 

You might be tempted to wash your face with soothing hot water but stop right there. Hot water can also remove the beloved facial oils, leaving behind a skin that is too dry. 

Many people also try to use hot water to open the pores, and then use the cold water to close them. This logic is purely mythical so don’t fall for it. Just use lukewarm water to wash your face. 

Don’t over wash your face 

Over washing is a thing. You may want to have your face squeaky clean, but that leads to other problems like breakouts and dry skin that then has you running for the Best Dermatologist in Lahore