Must Try Food at Komtar JBCC (Johor Bahru, Malaysia)

Must Try Food at Komtar JBCC (Johor Bahru, Malaysia)

Komtar JBCC, the nearest shopping center is across the border. Komtar JBCC offers great shopping and food options. Komtar JBCC offers many food outlets and restaurants. This shopping center is great to grab a quick bite before heading out on your next shopping trip.

These are just some of the recommended restaurants to try when you visit Komtar JBCC. This list might be helpful for your next trip to Komtar.

1. Crispy 4-Finger Chicken

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken offers similar food to the Oven & Fried Chicken served at Komtar JBCC. A delicious, finger-licking chicken recipe is also available. They no longer offer Korean-style fried chicken. Take a look at their chicken menu, and then get to work.

4 Fingers Crispy chicken’s food strategy is based on the belief that they can eliminate processed foods and still provide excellent service. They provide top-quality crispy chicken and high-quality service to all of their customers.

The fried chicken is made fresh with natural spices and herbs. The crispy fried chicken menu will rock your world.

Dip your fried chicken into their spicy Soy Garlic sauce for an extra kick. Once dipped, the sauce will stick to the crispy, flavorful fried chicken skin. This will enhance the flavor and satisfaction.

If you don’t like fried chicken, you can choose from one of their burger options. You may find it easy to eat a burger every day because they come in large portions.

For something lighter, try their Shrimps, Battered Squid, Salad Bowls, or Wraps. These menu items can be used for an appetizer or snack.

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2. Sushi Zanmai

Do you crave Japanese food? Sushi Zanmai is the place to go if you are looking for Japanese food.

Sushi Zanmai, a popular Japanese restaurant chain in Malaysia, is similar to Premium Sakae in Singapore. It offers a decent selection of Japanese delicacies like sushi, bento and curry rice at reasonable prices.

Service crews are extremely kind. After customers have been seated, they will offer hot or cold green coffee to them. You can refill your drink at no cost. So don’t be afraid to grab a cup of green tea after you have finished. If you aren’t a fan of green tea, you can politely decline the offer to get something else.

Sushi Zanmai’s Chawanmushi is a well-known dish. With its silken tofu and soft texture, the Chawanmushi is a decent choice. This steam egg is made with fresh ingredients and flavorful dashi, which gives it a natural sweetness.

Next is the Rokko, which is a sashimi platter that includes slices of salmon, tuna and swordfish. The slices are thick, fresh and delicious. Every sashimi slice is freshly prepared and served. You can add some spice to your fresh sashimi by adding some condiments like the soy sauce or granted ginger. These condiments go well with the sashimi, and they also take away the fish’s raw smell.

3. Tony Roma’s

Tony Roma’s is a must-visit for all Western food lovers who visit Komtar JBCC. This restaurant has a variety of signature protein dishes that will satisfy your hunger while you’re here. This Western restaurant is known for its delicious steaks, ribs, and seafood.

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Tony Roma’s began in 1972, when Tony Roma, the founder of the restaurant opened his first business. The newspaper reported that the restaurant held many Big-Eating Contests in Universal City and Southern California over the years.

After the death of Tony Roma in 2003, the company’s branches sprouted all over the globe. In 2006, Tony Roma’s first restaurant opened in Malaysia at Sunway Pyramid. It was later expanded to JBCC Comtar Mall in 2014.

Tony Roma’s is well-known for its wide variety of ribs menus. Bountiful Beef Ribs are a must-try. These hearty ribs are full of natural beef flavors and juicy, tender centers. It is hard to resist. The Tony Roma’s original BBQ sauce is the best way to make it. This will increase the flavor and texture of the ribs, while adding a tangy and savory taste.

You may not like beef or ribs, but Tony Roma’s offers a unique seafood menu that includes a bowl of fragrant rice, a complimentary salad, and soup. Their Mojo Grilled Cod With Pineapple Salsa is a must-try seafood menu.

The perfect grilled, seasoned cod is topped with Tony’s unique Mojo sauce (citrus and brown mustard). The dish is finished with a pineapple salsa made from Tony’s own ideas that adds a refreshing taste to it.

These are just a few of the many signature dishes. There are other dishes that are worth a try, and they will satisfy you. Chicken Caesar Flatbread with Crispy Potato Skin, Roma’s Sampler and Beer Rib Sampler.

After coming to Johor Bahru from Singapore, if you don’t want to go too far to eat delicious food, then you can choose to go to the above three places. Of course, Komtar JBCC is not only these, there are many delicacies waiting for you to try. So, how do you get from Singapore to Johor Bahru? In fact, you can take transport from Singapore to JB (Johor Bahru), such as the SGMYTRIPS I choose every time.

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It is really convenient to take a taxi Singapore to Malaysia with SGMYTRIPS. Their experienced and friendly drivers can pick you up wherever you are, even if they are at your doorstep, and send you to the doorstep of your designated destination. We didn’t need to get on and off and change cars or wait in line with the crowd at the crowded checkpoint. The driver helped us handle it and passed the Malaysia/Singapore customs quickly and efficiently. It was really great!

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