How Pasta Became the World’s Favorite Food?

From Italian street food to the world’s favorite food, the whole story of pasta is an amazing journey of success. You will not be surprised to hear or read that pasta has its roots in Italy. And these roots are very deep. It is believed that pasta is also common in different forms even in the 1st century. But this is just assumed on the basis of ingredients that are used to make a crispy layer of dough after deep frying it.

But the modern-day pasta was first introduced in Italy in about 1700. Many people and experts believed that this was the time when pasta started getting popular. Otherwise, it had already been introduced in 1100. In 1700 pasta was getting popular in Italy, but this was the 20th century that made it a famous food all across the globe.

People find it easy to cook as the only thing they have to do is to boil any form of pasta and add white pasta sauce to it. All other ingredients, including meat and vegetables, are optional. It is common for it to be popular in Italy as its whole history lies there. But other than that, it’s also popular all over the world.

According to a survey report, natives of about 17 countries like to eat pasta more than anything else. About 60 percent of the US people eat pasta regularly. But this cannot even match with the 80+ percentage of Italians for whom pasta is a must part of every meal. From Italy, the United States, and Great Britain to far-off countries like the Philippines, Mexico, and South Africa, pasta is a popular as well as the favorite dish.

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You might wonder about this level of popularity of pasta, but after knowing the reasons behind its popularity, you might be less amazed. Following are the reasons behind the success of pasta.

Healthy Ingredients

Pasta contains healthy ingredients that suit your stomach. The main components of every form of pasta are flour and water. You can add anything to it while cooking it. It provides energy to the body in the form of carbohydrates. This is the reason it is widely used by athletes all across the globe. Athletes use pasta as a regular part of their diet.

Easy to Cook

Cooking pasta has never been a difficult task. It’s so simple that even kids who know about some basics and have no risk of damaging themselves can cook it by themselves. You can either purchase pasta from the market or can make it even by yourself. But most of the people prefer to buy raw pasta from the market and then cook it at home.

The simple method to cook it is to boil the pasta in simple water. After boiling, drain the extra water out and add pasta sauce to it. You can also add different types of vegetables and meat as well. You can make pasta sauce by yourself at home. But the most preferred method is to buy pasta sauce from a store and keep it in your home. This will help you to make instant pasta.


The most important thing that is behind the popularity and success of pasta in every region of the world is versatility. Pasta is arguably the most versatile food in the world. Just after boiling the pasta, you can add everything to it. No matter which region of the world you are living in, you can combine pasta with your favorite meal. For example, if you like chicken curry, then simply add it to pasta after boiling it and you can explore a new world of taste.

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It is compatible with all types of vegetarian and non-vegetarian people. Vegetarians can add different types of vegetables to it just after frying them or raw as well.

Compatible Prices

The best thing about pasta is its prices. No matter how popular it is, it’s still available to every class of people due to its low rate. You can either buy it from a restaurant or cook it at home on a low budget as well.

There you have it! Now, you know all the factors that make pasta a favorite dish of everyone.