How Drone Technology is Changing Real Estate Market

Drone Technology

With the spread of COVID-19, real estate agents have had to change the way they work. Now relying more and more on technology, agents have turned to view virtual views from several personalized tours to follow social distance guidelines.

Smart home technology has helped viewers view the property without an agent. With Smart Lock, potential buyers can find locations and offer offers without even meeting their real estate agent in person. In light of this change, agents have changed their marketing tactics and are looking to the new future of the show. One of the technologies that are already booming in the real estate world is the drone. This unique feature of the listing is demanded because 83% of home sellers prefer agents who use drones. Most of us have seen drones fly at some point. The industry is booming. Drone sales are expected to exceed 12 12 billion in 2021.

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Of course, there are concerns about this technology that agents should be aware of as they invest in this new way of displaying property. Here’s a look at how drone technology is changing the property market, especially through epidemics.

Better listings

The real estate industry is the second-largest consumer of drone technology (behind photography). One of the reasons is that the feedback is amazing and add value to the listing. High volume agents use Aurelius 3.5x more than low volume agents, probably due to buyer and seller demand. Without an aerial view, it is complicated to exhibit the entire size of the property.

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Buyers who are careful about social interaction can have a better idea of a property without leaving home. The inclusion of drone footage in the video footage of the property accurately shows what the buyer will get in the purchase. That’s probably why homes with aerial photos sold 68% faster than homes with standard images, according to MLS data.

Comprehensive views

Drones are especially useful for large features. It is very challenging for agents to show a state much larger than the ground, and drones can help show the vastness of space. Furthermore, it is difficult for those who have moved to a new neighborhood to understand the people living there.

Many businesses are closed at the moment, people are less active on the streets, and viewers may not want to spend time interacting with others. However, drone footage can show entire neighborhoods, giving viewers a sense of being there.

Design and mapping

Drones reduce the burden of property design, especially when it comes to ideas. It is almost impossible to see the view from the ground, so drones can help determine the location of seated areas, windows, and overall design structures.

Drones can also help identify any missing problem and take an in-depth look at dense areas. The technology can also look at traffic patterns, which is important for retailers to think about creating new locations. Drones make this information fast and reliable, which is a great help for architects and investors.

Concerns with drone technology

Although drones seem to be a dream technology in addition to the real estate industry, there are numerous concerns about drones. Privacy and legal issues There are many issues with drones. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) developed a helpful general questionnaire on drone use.

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The legal status of drones has changed, the small rule of drones came into force on August 29, 2016. The new rule eases restrictions on unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and creates a “UAS Operator Certificate” issued by the FAA. The new certificate does not require a pilot’s license to operate in the UAS, which opens the door to greater use of the technology.

Agents should make sure neighbors are notified when taking aerial footage. Depending on the area, the drone use regulations vary. However, thanks to drone footage, the surrounding public should be informed. Another problem with drones is responsibility. Drones crash, so the NRR recommends insurance for drones and pilots.

Drone use moving forward

Another important reason for the increase in the use of drones in real estate is that prices have dropped significantly. Before drones existed, aerial footage was expensive, making it a luxury. However, the price of the drone has dropped, which is why many real estate agents can afford to add it to the arsenal of their teams, which attracts buyers and sellers.

The immovable market for commercial and residential property has changed due to Covid 19, forcing agents to rely more on technology to address these new challenges. The use of drones is a way to securely display property, making it accessible technology.

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