4 Reasons To Use Drone technology for Roofs Inspections and Building Surveys

Drone technology

The use of drones for building inspections is quickly growing in popularity. This is because they are more effective and efficient than conventional procedures. Five convincing reasons to use a drone for your next construction assessment.

1.A More In-Depth Examination

High-resolution 4K HD cameras are standard on drones. This gives them the ability to take clear pictures of various portions of the roofs, which helps them collect data out for examination of roof condition. Clients benefit from the extra information provided by surveyors.

Drones may be used to record video or still images. As a bonus, the photographs are stored in the cloud, making it easy to share them with colleagues and other firm members. This implies that you might seek the help of other experts to have a clearer picture of the situation with the roof.

Using a drone, you’ll be able to go to areas of the roof that would be otherwise inaccessible. As the drone flies over the roof, it will capture photographs of different roof components such as chimneys, lightning conductors, and roof tiles in high-definition. Several drones include thermal cameras that can quickly identify faults with solar panels.

On the other hand, drone inspections enable the building owner to be more involved in the process of inspecting their property. As a result, the roof surveyors will be able to more precisely pinpoint the problematic regions.

2. Reduces your workload

Drone roof inspections often take minutes as opposed to hours, thus a huge time saving exercise and reduced costings to all. It’s impossible to say the same about other conventional means of inspecting a roof’s condition.

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It is common to create temporary structures and engage in substantial labour while conducting roof inspections. This means that an examination might take weeks or even months to complete. Using a drone, this may be accomplished in only a single day.


Another advantage of using a drone for an inspection is that it saves money. To find out what’s wrong with the roof, a drone eliminates the need for scaffolding or cranes.

It will save you time and money since you won’t need to pay roofers to examine the roof. You’ll save a lot of money by skipping the roof inspections altogether.

You don’t have to buy a drone to get the job done when it comes to roof inspections.

4.Is a Safer Bet

The use of traditional roof inspection procedures carries a high degree of danger. It is common for roofers to scale precarious buildings to find the issue with the roof. If the roof has major structural issues, the weight of the specialists might cause it to collapse, resulting in a slew of casualties.

There is a pressing need to limit the danger of a roof inspection for both building owners and surveyors. Workers might be seriously hurt in an accident, and the cost of compensation can be high.

On the other hand, drones need just minimum human assistance to carry out their duties. Structural faults may be diagnosed without having to scale dangerously high structures. In addition, they may also be managed by a single person. Therefore, they are ideal for doing first roof inspections.

Climbing on rooftops is another prevalent issue for building owners since it might exacerbate whatever problems are already present, resulting in more roof damage. Fortunately, using a drone eliminates the risk of the inspector accidentally damaging the roof by coming into contact with its materials.

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Using a drone to evaluate a roof instead of conventional ways has several advantages. These benefits include reducing costs, shortening the time required to complete the activity, improved accuracy, and better information exchange. Please do not hesitate to contact any drone Survey inspection company if you require a drone roof survey.

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