Advertising Technology: All You Need to Know!


Advertising Technology is the base of marketing technology, which deals with the consumer data application to deliver the targeted advertising. Advertising Technology has gained a lot of popularity among marketers with the popularity of the consumer data from last years. However, according to Evan rutchik, advertising technology has come a long way, and let’s find out that how is it useful for the companies:

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How does Advertising Technology function?

The AdTech industry helps monetize the consumer data and is meant for the targeted ad and the placements on all kinds of social media handles. AdTech has the following components:

Data Management Platforms (DMP): It offers the marketeers a good view of the data collected from the various sources. It enables the organization to increase revenue and activate consumer data.

Demand Side Platforms (DSS): It is utilized by the marketeers to buy and take care of the management of the digital ad spaces based on the display ads.

Supply Side Platforms (SSP): The publishers or the owners of digital real estate use the advertising technology component to manage, sell, and optimize the available inventory. 

Exchange of the Ad: In the Advertising Technology Industry, it acts as a mediator between the buyers and the sellers of the digital ads. All the transactions mainly occur on the ad exchanges, which Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, etc., can strengthen. 

So, before you make up your mind to adopt the advertising technology, let’s look at the significant difference between the two. There is a thin line between Adtech and Martech. So let us find out the crucial differences between the both of them:

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The technologies that are utilized to execute the digital marketing strategies are termed the Martech. It is because it helps the marketers to manage the marketing campaigns well. Some of the examples of the Martech are:

CRM software, Email marketing software, digital analytics tools, etc.

What is Adtech? 

Adtech mainly refers to the systems that put the adverts in front of potential customers. Therefore, it mainly refers to the larger agencies or the publications. 

The examples of the AdTech mainly include:

  • Digital Banners
  • Data management platforms
  • Tag management devices
  • Demand Side Platforms
  • Supply Side Platform

What is the main difference between Martech and Adtech?

Martech is quite different from Adtech and it can be differentiated based on various factors. Let us have a quick view about both of them and how they can be differentiated?

Roles and the Responsibilities:

Martech can be considered as the main term used in digital marketing. However, it mainly refers to a team’s techniques to optimize and promote digital marketing campaigns. Adtech, on the other hand, refers to the technologies and the techniques through which the team gets the campaigns into the limelight.

Billing Methods

AdTech companies help in billing the clients, which is based on the amount of advertising they purchase. Martech, on the contrary, comes from a Software service. Its main function is to sell the software based on the subscription. Adtech companies sell to a much broader market which includes media and advertising agencies.

Targets and Deadlines:

Marketing involves the targeting of a specific group of people. It involves advertisements to a much unknown group of prospects. Marketing strategies mainly inform the advertising. However, AdTech is mostly reliant upon third-party data in which Martech has much more personalized data. Adtech works with much more generalized third-party data.

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How is Technology bringing a difference to the Advertising Business?

The advertising industry is going through great changes as Technology mainly depends on consumers’ habits and where and how marketers reach them. The changes so far have compelled advertisers to come up with new ways to reach consumers. 

These steps have led digital marketers, agencies, and AdTech companies to find various revenue methods. Therefore, the companies are finding new methods to develop advertising technology via targeted ads.

Bottom Line

Thus, advertising technology has come far away, and various companies are getting their hands into ad tech to enhance their revenue. Are you willing to bring the maximum profit to your company? Start with advertising technology Now! Get connected with the experts to know more about it Online!