How do I fix Turbotax installation code error 65535?

Turbotax installation code error 65535?

The TurboTax software simplifies tax preparation and provides tax savings for users. Users encounter Turbotax error 65535 when installing or launching the software, which is referred to as “Error Code 65535: “Unexpected error”.

Turbotax cannot be installed on Windows XP, 7, 8, or Windows 10. Therefore, it should be resolved as soon as possible. You will learn how to fix the Turbotax installation error code 65535 in this article. Let’s get started.

Turbotax 65535 Error: Possible Causes

It is important to understand the reasons for Turbotax installer error code 65535 so you can avoid it in the future. Below are the reasons:

  1. This install error is caused by incorrect software installation.
  2. Turbotax cannot be installed due to a corrupt Windows registry.
  3. Installing Turbotax without authorization.
  4. Your computer has been infected with malware.
  5. A corrupted Turbotax file.

How to fix Turbotax Error 65535 in 6 easy steps

Now that we understand how InstallTurboTax Com errors occur, here are the steps to correct them. Additionally, to achieve the best results, use the methods sequentially.

Exiting conflicting programs is Method 1

Turbotax error code 65535 can be caused by a conflict between two programs. This can be resolved by terminating those programs through Windows Task Manager. To do so, follow these steps:

  • In the first step, hold “Ctrl” and “Shift” together.
  • After that, select “Win Task Manager”.
  • Then tap the “Processes” icon.
  • Choose the unwanted processes that are running.
  • When you are finished, click “End-Task”.

After all conflicting programs are closed, launch your Turbotax setup as an administrator and check if the error 65535 Turbotax appears. Continue.

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Running Turbotax with Admin rights is method 2

Turbotax can run more efficiently with admin rights, and the Turbotax install error code 65535 won’t appear. Follow these steps:

  • Find the Turbotax setup icon on your computer.
  • You can then run Turbotax as an administrator.
  • Allow the permissions that are prompted.
  • Finish installing it.
The third method is to reinstall the Microsoft component

There can be a problem with an MS Visual C++ component that causes the Turbotax error. As a result, users must uninstall it and reinstall it from the control panel. Follow these steps:

  • Start by clicking the “Start” button.
  • Locate and then click “Control Panel”
  • After launching it, click “Programs-Features”.
  • To uninstall the program, select “Uninstall-Program”.
  • Select “Microsoft C++ package” next.
  • After clicking “Uninstall”, you will be prompted to confirm your action.
  • Lastly, reinstall it from the internet after it has been completed.

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Disk cleanup is Method 4

This error code can occur when your system does not have enough storage and prevents installation. You can free up space by running Disk Cleanup. Here are the steps:

  • Access your computer by going to “My-Computer”.
  • Select “C: Drive” from the right-click menu.
  • To access the properties, click “Properties”.
  • Next, click on “General” and then “Disk-Cleanup”.
  • After completing the process, reboot your computer.
Ensure there are no hard drive errors using Method 5

Ensure for hard drive errors if the previous methods failed to resolve the issue. You can do this by following these steps:

  • Start by clicking the “Start” menu.
  • Then, enter “command” while holding “Ctrl” and “Shift”.
  • Press “Enter” without letting go of the keys.
  • After you tap “Yes”, type “chkdsk /f” in the cmd box that appears.
  • By pressing “Enter,” your hard drive will be scanned and fixed.
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Updating your operating system is method 6

Windows with an outdated version not only attracts malware but also corrupts your hard drive, which can lead to installation errors. You can fix Turbotax error 65535 by updating your Windows to the latest version.

  • On your keyboard, hold “Windows” + “R”.
  • You will then need to type “Control Panel”. Press “Enter”.
  • Then click on “Windows-Update”.
  • You will now be able to check for updates.
  • Complete the update process by installing the latest updates.

When you install updates on your system, restart your computer and the Turbotax installer error will no longer appear. 

Our experts validate the methods mentioned in the content we provide to you and the content is well-researched. Furthermore, understanding the reasons behind Turbotax error occurrence will aid you in preventing it from occurring again.

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