Fitbit Versa 2 vs Fitbit Versa 3: The Ultimate Comparison

Fitbit Versa 2 vs Fitbit Versa 3

You need some motivation to get back into exercising, so why not go for a Fitbit? It’s one of the best fitness wearable brands in the world, letting you track everything from daily steps to sleep.

The Fitbit Versa is one of the most popular options, since it’s stylish, easy to use, and can even help improve your heart health! Fitness wearables give us support and motivation to work out each day, which is essential for cardiovascular fitness.

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However, the Versa has just come out in a new model, the Versa 3. How does it compare to the previous model?

Here’s everything you need to know about the Fitbit Versa 2 vs Fitbit Versa 3.


When it comes to the Fitbit Versa 3 v 2, let’s start with appearances. Do they look different from one another?

Both look similar, with a large, square screen similar to what you’d see on the Apple Watch—this means both the 2 and 3 are easy to read, with a large screen for reading texts, viewing your data, or tracking your fitness.

However, the 3 has slightly softer, more curved edges, giving it a modern edge. Both the 2 and 3 come with both a large and small band, but note that the 3 comes in more colors.

There’s also a slight difference with the screen resolution. The Versa 2 has a resolution of 300×300 pixels but the Versa 3 is 336×336 pixels. You can customize the look and display of your screen on both models.

A small difference, but it does mean that the Versa 3 has clearer, sharper graphics and might be easier for some to read.

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In the 3, you can find new color choices, including Petal and Olive. Users can swap and change their bands on either model and both are controlled via the same Fitbit smartphone app.


With the Fitbit Versa 3 being newer and more advanced, it’s no surprise that it’s slightly more expensive. When the Versa 2 was launched, it had an initial price of $199.95.

The 3 was launched at $229. Since the Versa 2 is now an older model, you can usually find it for a cheaper price.

If price is your biggest consideration, you’ll want to go with the Versa 2.

Battery Life

When shopping for a fitness tracker, it’s smart to think about battery life. No one wants to be charging their device constantly and there’s nothing worse than one dying mid-workout.

In this instance, both products are similar. Both advertise over six days of battery life, but in practice, you’re looking closer to 3-4 days with frequent use.

However, one big advantage of the Versa 3 is that it has rapid charging, with a magnetic charger giving you a full day of use in just a few minutes of charging.

But if you don’t mind a slower charge, the Versa 2 might suit your needs—check out the Versa 2 specs in this Mobile Mob article.

Fitness Features

The main reason to purchase the Versa is for tracking your fitness, so which watch does it better?

Both devices are accurate at tracking your steps, heart rate, and have over 20 dedicated workout modes, letting you track activities like swimming, running, and bicycling. And yes, both are waterproof, so you can take them swimming or into the shower with you.

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Both devices also monitor your sleep, useful for tracking patterns over time.

However, the Versa 3 has a big advantage–GPS. This is ideal for runners or for anyone who likes to track the distance and location of their workouts. The 3 also has an updated version of Fitbit’s heart rate sensor, so it’s going to be slightly more accurate.

The 3 also has the addition of Active Zone Minutes. These are a relatively new Fitbit concept that you can use to track your exercise, letting you know how many minutes you spent during low or high-intensity exercise.

Many people find them useful since you can use them to create personalized fitness goals.

Smartwatch Features

In addition to being a watch and fitness tracker, both Versa models also connect with your smartphone, turning them into smartwatches. They also both allow for contactless payments when shopping.

Both support Amazon Alexa and let you receive text messages on your wrist, but the Versa 3 has more advanced smartwatch features. You can use it to receive phone calls when connected to Bluetooth (they’ve added a built-in speaker) and the 3 also works with Google Assistant.

The Versa 3 supports music streaming but doesn’t have any internal storage for music. The Versa 2, in comparison, can store around 300 songs, ideal for those who don’t use streaming platforms.

So, Fitbit Versa 2 vs Fitbit Versa 3—Which Is Right for You?

While both are great options, which is the winner when it comes to the So, Fitbit Versa 2 vs Fitbit Versa 3?

It all comes down to preference, but if you’re on a tight budget, or you love storing music on your watch, then go with the Versa 2. However, if you can spend a bit more and want the added luxuries of GPS tracking and taking phone calls, then it’s worth going for the Versa 3.

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The quick charging is a great selling point for the Versa 3 as well, so you’re not left waiting around for your watch to charge.

You can find both at major online retailers or electronics shops. Whichever one you go for, you’re sure to love the motivation and helpful data that these watches can provide!

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