File Server Remote Access without VPN

File Server Remote

If your business is suffering from low productivity and lack of efficiency during work schedules due to VPNs it’s about time you think of a solution. In case the employees are spending hours troubleshooting VPN links it is because they are complicated. It is easy to set up an alternative way that is seamless and will enhance the file server mobility instantly. File server remote access without VPN is possible and it will increase productivity at work. Triofox offers public and private window file sharing without the need for a VPN. Many home and remote workers are working for a company so it will become easy to share files with access from any device.

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VPN will cost time and money

VPN is a complex solution and the employees have to work hard to understand the terminologies no matter how tech-savvy they are. There are many challenging steps to set up the VPN so it can cost a lot of time and money reducing the efficiency of workers. Most of the time VPN links will break down and it becomes difficult to understand the technologies and network protocols. Whenever the experts are dealing with VPN tickets or issues they often think about having a smooth experience by using the VPN cloud alternative. Triofox will offer secure remote access that will help the companies protect their private data from leaking. They can control the data themselves by giving limited access to the employees.

Simplify remote file server access with Triofox

Triofox offers perfect solutions to simplify remote file server access. It can be used by any business and they don’t have to deal with external storage services such as office 365 and Dropbox. Due to the pandemic, many people prefer to work from home and there is a need to bring up faster ways so the productivity at work can enhance. They will not need to compromise on security and data privacy as Triofox will handle it all. Employers and business management have been looking for ways that can combine two services in one that are keeping their data safe and the ease of use of third-party applications like Dropbox.VPN can become too complicated and looking for tickets is another problem that is hard to solve.

Remote access and mobile sharing

Triofox will easily connect local and cloud file servers for secure remote access and that too without the use of a VPN. It will also offer secure mobile file sharing from the web browser or any other mobile application. File changing history and audit tracing will help increase the efficiency of your business. Cloud migration will also become easy as Triofox builds up a hybrid deployment between local and cloud storage file servers. You will be surprised to see that it will convert seamlessly into the cloud only. The web server will work efficiently when it comes to accepting file requests from the clients over HTTPS/SSL protocols. The mapped power drive, web simplicity, and file server security are some of the best features offered by Triofox.