Choose the Best Metal for your Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring material isn’t enough. To make the ring durable, strong, and hard to break, you need to choose the ring metal too. Most of the time we focus on the material and stone and forget about the metal. Well, metal is the most important part of a ring. It holds the stone and saves the ring from rough touch. Before you get confused, read this article. Here we will discuss different types of ring metal and let you choose the best.

Different types of Ring Metal

Finding a perfect engagement ring isn’t easy. You need to focus on the material, budget, ring and stone size, metal, etc. Among these, we less focus on the metal which can be a big mistake. No matter how much you spend on the ring stone, if the metal can’t hold it and save it from harsh usage, then it would be valueless. There are many types of ring metals such as gold, platinum, silver, iron, palladium, titanium, tungsten, etc. Among these, platinum and gold is the most popular ring metal. There are two colors of gold such as yellowish and white gold. If you are stuck between the two common metals, then get an idea from white gold vs platinum. Both of these are good metals but still, there are a few differences which you should be aware of before you buy them. Now let’s find out the types in detail.

Gold metal

There is no argument that gold is an expensive jewelry material. But it is also good metal. If you don’t want your ring full of gold, then you can use it as metal. It is classic metal with a luxurious look.

Platinum metal

Another best and most expensive metal is platinum. From Platinum Vs White Gold Engagement Rings we know why platinum is the best metal. Though it is a rare metal it is the hardest metal ever. You can customize your platinum ring with diamond or gemstone.

Silver metal

If you are looking for something affordable but durable, then choose silver. Silver is a budget-friendly ring metal. You can find it anywhere. It is also suitable for diamonds, pearls, gemstones, etc.

Palladium metal

Palladium is quite similar to platinum. People who are interested in platinum should try palladium too. It will look gorgeous and classic with the ring material.

Before investing money in an expensive ring, research the metal properly.