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Although the computer monitor is used as an output display for our computer, it has many features that we often overlook. Also, LCD screens can get out of hand if we are not careful when buying recycled LCD monitors.

Why do people buy processed LCD monitors when they have the last computer monitor? This is because LCD monitors can be half or a quarter of the original price and are very cheap. Here are some tips to keep in mind when buying a used LCD computer monitor.

Used LCD monitor usage length.

Always check with the seller about the length of use of the monitor. Ask him questions like daily LCD usage. The shopkeeper may lie about the length of use, but uses the answers as a bullying guide. If possible, make sure the computer monitor manufacturer’s warranty is still valid. If something goes wrong after using it, you can at least send a computer monitor for free.

If you use more screens daily, it will cost less. However, if the warranty period is correct, the monitor will increase the price.

LCD monitor size

This can be the most important issue in determining the price of a used Best vertical Monitor. Standard sizes that most people typically see from 17 inches to 22 inches, and sizes larger than 22 inches will be difficult to notice.

The standard is that the larger the computer screen, the higher the cost of owning it. However, the following features affect the price of LCD screens.

Connected to a computer port

Before buying a monitor, check the type of video connector that the LCD computer supports. Common video connections are VGA (Video Graph RR), DVI (Digital Visual Interface), and HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface).

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Image quality from top to bottom, HDMI, DVI, and finally VGA. An HDMI connection ensures maximum display of your LCD computer.

However, this does not mean that the VGA connection to the computer will be of poor quality. If you use a computer for casual gaming and office work, VGA is enough for your visual needs. However, if you are an avid gamer or use your computer to watch Blu-ray movies, make sure your LCD monitor has a DVI or HDMI connection, you have the best visual experience.

However, before buying an LCD monitor that uses an HDMI connection, make sure the computer has an HDMI connection to the video card. If there are VGA connectors, the cost of the processed computer screen will be lower, and the DVI or HDMI connection will increase the cost.

LCD monitor brands

Computer screen brands affect prices. Premium tags are associated with their products for a well-known brand. This also applies to second-hand goods. Sony LCD brand monitors are always more expensive than XYZ brand monitors. So buy cheap brands to save costs. Even if you feel more confident when using a Sony LCD monitor, it won’t fit in your pocket.

Physical status of the used computer monitor.

Another way to review an LCD computer screen is to look at the physical condition of the LCD monitor. In general, if the owner is careful, the LCD screen is usually placed on the computer table and there are no physical defects. Physical defects, such as cracks or scratches on the monitor, can have a significant effect on the price. Because we don’t know that these computers can cause these accidents and physical damage to the LCD screen.

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