How to Optimize the Position of Your website on Google?

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Improving the positioning of its website on Google is what every business wants to gain visibility and traffic. To achieve this, SEO or natural referencing is essential, content must be optimized to find you on the internet. How to improve its positioning?

Everyone would like their website to be well-positioned and in the top positions of Google. And of course as soon as possible, to have as much traffic as possible and therefore visits.

Which at first glance seems complicated but not impossible in some cases. Getting a good ranking in search engines, especially Google, is essential if you are on the Internet.

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It is through a good ranking that Internet users will find and click on your content if they appear in the top 3. Hence, the first 3 results displayed on Google after entering a request have the most traffic.

Improving positioning on Google still requires knowing the fundamentals of SEO and some notions of web writing.

Reminder on the interest of a good positioning on Google

There are mainly 2 ways to find information on the internet. Either you know the website where the information sought is hosted, or you do not know it.

In the first case, we can raise the majority of known professionals, brands, artists, companies, etc.

In the second case, it is all the work of companies, professionals, etc… looking for visibility on the internet to be more easily found.

  1. The first way is to enter the name of the company you are looking for its URL. From there you can access the desired information.
  2. You enter a search query on Google, will lead to some website that hosts the information you are looking for. As the owner of a website that holds the information sought by the Internet user… you will in any case hope that we will land on your website. Which will earn you traffic, visibility and by extension sales.

The secret to being seen and found on the internet is the content!

All content must answer the questions that Internet users ask themselves when they are looking for specific information. Your goal! answer these questions by processing them in the form of content to be shared on your website. Therefore, it is essential to set up a digital strategy for your website to gain visibility in traffic.

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If you don’t have any content and we don’t know you, it’s very easy! We won’t find you.

Positioning in search engines

Objective, to be visible!

Every time, you need a combined and coordinated strategy for several online marketing channels, required in addition to web positioning.

Moreover, it must take into account that there is no magic wand “I do it today and next month ranked”. No, positioning in search engines takes time and requires work. SEO is not a science, you have to persevere and put many tips into practice for natural referencing.

To appreciate this work, Web Artem offers you an SEO challenge. The ability to promote your site in real-time, to reach the top 10 as soon as possible. It allows you to see the techniques used to improve ranking. And if in the event you do not meet expectations, then they will return the amount invested to the client.

Why is a blog so important for your positioning?

You will first need to provide your audience with relevant content to read to engage them. As per Google webmaster guidelines, regularly publish and update the published articles.

You create content in which you can create links to social networks, to other blogs, etc. The importance of the blog for the company is to ensure through writing. To increase visibility share the content to high traffic and engage websites. There you can convert internet users into customers for your products.

It is through blogs and shared content that your future customers will find you on the internet.

Achieve this all your work will revolve around the right choice of keywords and the ability to meet the expectations of your readers as well as frequently entered queries on Google. Position your content as close as possible to the top 3 search results, you will therefore have to persevere and optimize each point that can generate clicks, such as optimizing its meta-description tag, creating an effective internal network, or even writing long and relevant posts. 

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To help you understand how Google works, read this: New SEO Trends in 2018

Content marketing, a great ally of your positioning

Content marketing is how you will share value-added content for your audience. This will allow you to attract readers to your site. And thorough inbound marketing strategy converts your audience to be your audience.

In short, it is about writing articles, key messages, current and trending information… .. which will be of great value to the Internet users and the readers of your website. You need to share scenarios to social networks and offer your audience white papers and studies to engage them on your site and by extension your products and/or services.

The relevance of your content will be judged here as the possibility of obtaining a clear and precise answer through the content, following a request entered on Google.

It is also a question of soliciting the participation of your readers according to the content that you are going to offer them: comments on your articles, answers to a survey, subscriptions to your messages on the blog,…. Thus, you will have a community of users who will read you regularly and who will be loyal to your website.

All this so that they become ambassadors of your brand and that they speak about you on their social networks, offline networks (friends, family, acquaintances….) Or on other websites.

SEO On Page, How To Write Your Content

On-Page SEO includes all the techniques that must be implemented so that search engines (GOOGLE) reward your site more than other websites with the same keywords.

It is natural that if we are talking about “Web Design with WordPress” our keywords are “WordPress web design”, but there are a lot of other keywords that we can use to position your content. For example, in the case of SEO Services Force, a digital marketing agency, which created the real-time challenge to improve your positioning in Google, the keyword used will be, for example, Las Vegas SEO agency.

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SEO Off Page: Quality Link Building

Quality link building or backlinks is about getting quality links that redirect to your website from other websites and preferably in your industry and the same language.  

And no, directories like yellow pages or the like will not improve your search engine rankings because they are generic and mean very little to Google.

Good quality Link Building is quite difficult to obtain. It takes real SEO experts with a lot of experience, to collect and get these links. It is only in this way that your web positioning will be strengthened and will be effective as soon as possible.

Use social networks

Social networks are becoming more and more important to any online marketing strategy. Good social media marketing will go a long way in positioning your brand on the web-based on two factors.

Your website generates the brand image and social media users know your products or use your services as a priority. For your part, you detect the real interest and tastes of users towards your brand, which allows you to refine the work on personalization and customer focus.

Posting your content (blog, news, events, etc.) on social media helps generate quality backlinks and links to your website. As we said before, it helps improve your search engine ranking.

 Using paid advertising on the Internet

It is not a bad idea to work with Google Adwords and Facebook Ads primarily when it comes to getting results. Both apps are paid online advertising options that won’t help you improve your search engine rankings, but will help you achieve other goals.
As you can see, getting a good search engine ranking and being able to appear in the top 10 is not enough. Your strategy must be comprehensive and well-coordinated.

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