Why You Should Read Manga If You An Anime Fan


If you are a book fan( Read Manga), you know this very simple truth. The original material, in an overwhelming majority of cases, is just SO MUCH better. The author puts all of their work into making an amazing piece of art, one that makes complete sense, and always paints the entire picture. If you reverse the last sentence, you get Big Screen or TV adaptations. On most occasions.

There are of course worthy translations to the written word, but that applies seldomly to high-quality titles. It does, however, work quite well with anime and mangas. Because the anime-makers are also highly passionate about what they do, good things happen. This post will explore why you should give mangas a shot.

Generally, anime fans miss out on reading mangas and light novels. They have the style, the familiar Japanese artful touch, but are obviously different in that you read them instead of simply watching. We are going to talk about mangas in this case, but you should note that the novels are pretty much the same, except they have a slightly more mature outlook and adult-oriented content. No, not that adult content. They write for an older audience, that’s all.

The Plot Is In-Depth And Unabridged

Have you ever wished that the story was only a few inches more comprehensive and satisfying? Manga it is. By design, you like watching cartoons because of their graphics and story. Manga has all the graphics, beautifully hand-drawn by masterful artists (and only some anime are), and the story richer than the anime counterpart. TV imposes quite a few undesirable regulations and requirements: a shorter format, a sprinting pace to its narrative, and censorship. Directors do a lot of actions that summon more viewers: they aren’t particularly in your best interests.

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With mangas, you don’t have to wait so long, and in the bulk percentage, for instance, it’s already fully released, waiting for you to explore it from start to end. Even new titles come out faster, sharper, and without beating around the bush. When a TV- series is produced, they take a lot of time, making and showing them episode by episode with boring commercial breaks and weekly long waiting times in between.

Getting More High-Quality Time

That’s right. By reading the mangas, you are actually saving yourself a ton of time. What you see on a tv screen is drawn-out and filled with extra filler shots and episodes, which add not so much to the story and yet eat a whole chunk of minutes out of your day. Mangas, on the other hand, can be read however you want. You can read them quickly, go slow, re-read pages, skip pages, it’s all good. Pick your rate of advance, and you will not disappoint yourself when you dedicate your chill time to them.

Details, Details, Details

If there ever was a character that was briefly mentioned in a show you were watching and made you terribly interested in him, but the show moved in a different direction, no more. In the original content, there is much greater detail and thorough material presented to you. You will know all the things about the heroes, enemies, and everyone and everything in between. What about that city that’s never talked about on the screen? That too.

Even in terms of graphics, you get a whole new world of details. That bit of hair on the protagonist’s head will be perfect, and the costumes will have all the symbolism envisioned by the author. 

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How To Start

Not too much hassle. You pick a volume at a store or find one online (they are available for free online most of the time), and start exploring. Spoiler alert, they are actually read from left to right, unlike Western comics. You will get used to it super fast.

You can usually read whatever your favorite shows are, or start with something fresh. There are plenty of recommendations lists and reviews online, and on manga-magazine.com you can find an article on a superb manga I’ve just finished reading. Without telling you all the charm, it’s an exciting story about a guy and a girl immersed in the supernatural world. Definitely worth your time.

When you have made your choice, if you like it upon finishing, you can explore other work by the same author and publishing agency. The author may create vastly different pieces, yet you will still feel the personal touch he added to your now-favorite story. Publishing agencies usually release similar works. For more on how to get moving with mangas, check out this guide.


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