Empowering Girls in Stem


It can be true to say that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is the most feared field in the education environment. It is also agreeable to claim that the girl child has not been interested in engaging with STEM for the notion that it best suits male students. Over the recent years, the significance of empowering girls in STEM has gradually grown through the creation of awareness. The long historical belief of the notion that made the field to be highly dominated by men has recently been weakened. Girls today are offered and encouraged to join and pursue careers in STEM which is slowly receiving attention. This article intends to focus on empowering girl children in the field of STEM including its importance, especially in the contemporary environment of humankind.

Girls’ empowerment in STEM is vital for numerous reasons. One, this current notion plays a crucial role in addressing the gender gap existing in the field of STEM. Empowering and encouraging the female gender to participate in STEM works towards achieving workforce gender equality. Moreover, the notion also contributes to the enhancement of innovation and creativity through diversity. Bringing both males’ and females’ conceptual thinking on challenges facing organizations or society increases options of possible solutions on the table. Empowering girls in STEM provides girls with opportunities for both professional and personal growth as well as contributing to society’s advancement overall.

Early exposure is one effective approach to empowering girls in the field of STEM. Girls should be given opportunities to engage with STEM subjects at the early stages of their livelihood. This is to help spark their interest and passion for STEM. There are various ways in which this can be made possible including mentorship programs, hands-on activities, and exposing them to their female role models. This way, a girl child will be shown that she also belongs to the field and that she has the potential to excel in such areas. It will help build girls’ motivation and confidence in pursuing further studies and careers associated with the field of STEM.

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Creating a supportive environment for the girl child is also another aspect of empowering girls in STEM. Society/organization leaders should seek effective ways of addressing barriers such as biases and stereotypes that demotivate girls from engaging or getting interested in STEM fields. The community as a whole including families and school institutions should foster an inclusive environment where the female gender is encouraged and supported to pursue education and careers related to STEM. This is by providing adequate access to the necessary resources, a network of opportunities, and scholarships.

Besides, mentorship programs are significantly important for empowering girls in the fields of STEM. It is important to pair potential girls with experienced, professional mentors in the fields. This is to provide girls with the support needed, guidance, and inspiration to navigate their paths of education and career. Mentors will play a significant role in offering them valuable advice through the mentors’ shared experience. As a result, this will make girls generate confidence and develop skills needed to be successful in the STEM fields.

The introduction of online classes such as ALEKS have also given girls and boys an equal chance of doing well. This because they are able to manage time by themselves without the supervision of anyone. Many of them have used these ALEKS hacks to pass and get accurate ALEKS answers and score straight As on Aleks.

In concluding this article, girls’ empowerment in STEM is vital as it contributes to the creation of a more innovative and equitable society. It breaks down barriers such as biases and stereotypes to allow girls to enjoy the STEM fields’ opportunities just like boys do. This is by exposing them to the fields at their earlier stages of age and creating a supportive environment for them to thrive. It allows and enables girls to showcase their hidden talents in the advancement of science and technology.   

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