Why Men Suffer from Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction
  • Now Erectile Dysfunction affects all men no matter the age is within 20 to 30 or older the age between 40 and 50. It is also reported that suffering from Erectile Dysfunction may increase with age because it is mainly an age-related problem. Various factors play behind Erectile Dysfunction, which may affect the ability of a man to keep an erection, and it also affects the energy levels. The stressful situations that people are facing daily basis or the lifestyle choices. If you realize that you have the Impotence or ED, you should hire with Psychotherapist. This process can reduce depression, stress, and anxiety because it is closely linked to sexual ability, so need to careful about it. 
  • Some medicines Cenforce 100 to treat ED should be injected directly into your penis or the urethra. . 

The cause behind it, every people suffers from depression stress and anxiety of their hectic  It is considered a highly effective medicine in treating this health condition. These are Fildena 100, etc, and fast lifestyle, so ED is not an uncommon problem these days. Besides depression and stress, there are various physical reasons, including neurologic factors, hormonal changes, cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure, and sugar, which may affect your sex life. That’s why ED increases day by day; this sexual disorder refers to the inability to keep or maintain an erection during sex. It can be treated by using Tadalafil Vidalista 20.

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Definition of Erectile Dysfunction: 

Now ED is not an age-related problem; anyone can be suffered from ED because this first paced plays a crucial role behind it. Erectile dysfunction may occur due to different physical or psychological causes that prevent both partners from getting the utmost enjoyment when they are in bed. The main problem that plays behind this sexual disability is the difficulty in maintaining or keeping the erection during sexual intercourse. It is not such a type of problem that cannot be cured. Proper treatment helps fix this problem.

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What causes erectile dysfunction (ED)? 

Some physical causes of erectile dysfunction are mentioned below:

  • Low testosterone levels: as we know, testosterone home can stimulate the sexual ability in men’s bodies. So the lower down testosterone levels can increase the risk of ED.
  • Disorders or irregular in Blood circulation is known as atherosclerosis can cause ED or erectile dysfunction.
  • Stroke or cardiovascular problem is highly effective in creating sexual disorders like ED. 
  • There are several Official medicines that are taken due to different health disorders such as anti-depressants, medicines for high blood sugar or diabetes, cardiovascular, blood pressure.
  • Excessive Smoking: Smoking can lead to increasing ED or impotence because tobacco that contains nicotine may hinder the blood supply of the penis. 
  •  Alcoholism 
  • Stress and anxiety for a hectic lifestyle.

Several blood pressure medicines like Water pills and Beta-blockers are associated with sexual disorders like ED. These types of medicines can affect your sexual ability and cause ED very frequently. 

Performance anxiety: 

Nowadays, most of the sexual disorders in our lives may create due to hectic lifestyles; the result is that you may suffer from problems like performance anxiety, which leads to erectile dysfunction. 


If you are suffering from depression for any kind of reason, it must affect your sexual ability pr the ability of erection, then your sexual performance can be hindered. 

Nervous system problems: 

If you have a nervous system problem, it may affect sexual performance and lead to erectile dysfunction.

Hormone-induced Erectile dysfunction

The research shows that Hormone abnormalities cause ED or erectile dysfunction because it is proven that hormone regulates all the organs of the body to work.

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Traumatic Brain Injury

The brain regulates all the work of our body; we cannot do anything without the functions of the brain. If your brain gets damaged or injured, it stops working as well as messaging to another organ to control the whole body. 

It also sends messages to the penis to work it properly.  If you have traumatic brain injuries or trauma in your nervous and spine system, often causes the sexual disorder. So it becomes difficult to maintain an erection.

Trauma to the Pelvic Area                                    

If you have trauma to your pelvic area may cause an interruption in blood circulation in the sex organ like a penis, so erectile dysfunction or ED may occur.  This pelvic or perineal trauma can be treated very easily with the surgical strategy named revascularization of the blood. 

The treating procedure of erectile dysfunction or impotence 

ED or impotence treatments are the same in that based some reasons, including 

  • Reducing or quitting alcohol consumption, quitting tobacco or cigarettes, proper weight losing, and increasing physical activity. 
  • You need to change those types of ED medicines, which have the risk to create impotence, after that, it may lead to ED the medicine like 
  • Testosteronetherapy is beneficial to improve energy level and mood and also reduce depression. So usually, it increases the sexual desire in that male with a low testosterone level. 
  • It is a device that can create the capacity of keeping and maintaining theerection by enhancing the blood flow into the penis. So it can remove impotence and erectile dysfunction from the body. 
  • If other treatments cannot work, this surgical method can be the best way. Two unique types of implants are used to treat the problem.
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