When Is It Time to Seek Out Couple’s Therapy?

Couple's Therapy

On your wedding day, you expect to live a life of bliss with the person you marry. The thoughts of being together, loving each other, and raising a family to tantalize you. Marriage isn’t one neverending good time, however.

The traditional vows specifically state, for better or worse.

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Sometimes, worse can last a series of weeks or even months. Weeks and months of a bad patch in your marriage will wear on both parties.

Couple’s therapy can help you and your spouse work through your problems before they become too serious. Here are some things that can indicate the two of you should be seeing a therapist.

Seek Couple’s Therapy if You Fight Constantly

Disagreements and fights are normal in any relationship. The problem occurs when it turns into a daily occurrence. When simple conversations end in fights, deep issues are present.

There may be a communication breakdown. If this is all, the therapist will work with both of you on how to communicate better.

A history of cheating can also result in constant fights. Unresolved pain can lead to the non-cheating spouse lashing out at the other. The cheating spouse will need to rebuild trust to help resolve this issue.

The non-cheating spouse will also need to learn how to forgive and release the pain that binds them.

Lack of Intimacy

If the two of you aren’t being intimate, you should invest in couples counseling. A lack of intimacy includes sexual activity as well as physical contact.

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There are periods where couples don’t have sex, but this is normal. Work, kids, and other factors may exhaust a couple’s time and energy. When this period lasts for months on end, this is a cause for concern.

There are a couple of reasons why this can happen.

One reason may be that one spouse is attracted to someone else. If it’s only attraction, some emotional issues need resolving. If they are cheating, this opens up a slew of other problems.

Body insecurity can also result in a loss of intimacy. When someone does not feel good about the way they look, they may feel less desirable. Open communication and honesty are essential when resolving this issue.

Persistent Financial Issues

Finances are one of the top reasons that marriages end in divorce. Money isn’t everything, but we all need it to conduct our lives. When couples have financial troubles, it can destabilize the healthiest relationships.

Unresolved money issues can also lead to frequent fights.

Problems can also arise when one spouse begins to micromanage finances. Questions about each purchase the other spouse makes aren’t healthy for a couple. It also does not help when one spouse throws their bigger salary in the other’s face.

Money makes people emotional, so a neutral party like a marriage counselor can help the two of you talk these issues through calmly.

The Place That Has Everything Important to You

It’s normal for couples to have disagreements. When daily arguments become the new normal, it’s time for couple’s therapy.

If you feel disconnected from your spouse or don’t trust them, you shouldn’t let these problems fester. The longer the two of you wait, the more unstable your marriage becomes. Seek help so that a trained professional can help mediate your issues.

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