Why did Elon Musk buy Twitter? Here’s the Main reason

elon musk twitter

Elon Musk buy Twitter Twitter once thought of as a long shot has now been accepted.

The billionaire will pay about $44 billion for the company in a deal expected to close this year, Twitter said in a news release Monday.

Musk was so motivated to buy Twitter that he put in a “best and final offer” for the company, announced he had a Plan B if that failed, and met privately with several large Twitter shareholders to convince them about his bid.

Musk offered $54.20 per share for Twitter and outlined his plan to secure $46.5 billion to finance his deal. Twitter’s shares spiked Monday morning on reports that the company could be nearing a deal with Musk.

So why does the world’s richest person, who already leads electric-car company Tesla and aerospace company SpaceX, want to buy the social media company?

For what reason is Elon Musk buying Twitter?

Musk has long condemned the stage for how it moderates content. Whenever Musk originally proposed purchasing Twitter this month, he said he at first put resources into the help as a result of its true capacity as a worldwide stage with the expectation of complimentary discourse.

“In any case, since making my venture I presently understand the organization will neither flourish nor serve this cultural basic in its ongoing structure,” composed Musk. “Twitter should be changed as a privately owned business.”

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How rapidly might he at some point change things on Twitter?

Most likely not that rapidly. The arrangement actually should be finished, an interaction that could require weeks or months.

Under government regulation, Musk should inform controllers at the Bureaucratic Exchange Commission and Equity Division about his arrangements to purchase Twitter. If controllers open a survey of the arrangement, it could prompt postponements in shutting the buy.

From that point onward, Musk has sworn to take Twitter private. At the point when he reported his bid, he said in a recording with the Protections and that’s what trade Commission “since making my venture I presently understand the organization will neither flourish nor serve this cultural basic in its ongoing structure. Twitter should be changed as a privately owned business.”

Musk has said he would need to keep however many investors as permitted by the law when he takes the organization private. What’s more, he hasn’t reported plans for what an initiative group or expected top managerial staff would seem to be, so there are still a lot of open inquiries concerning how much direct impact Musk would employ.

What has Musk said about a possible edit button on Twitter?

The alter button is presumably one of the most mentioned highlights on Twitter. Picture this: You have made your ideal, punchy, 280-character-or-less thought, you type it out, you press “Tweet.” And afterward, you see a mistake.

elon musk twitter edit button
Elon musk Twitter edit button

Twitter doesn’t have a method for editing tweets without erasing and resending. Musk found out if they needed an altered button in a survey on Twitter, and 73.6 percent of the multiple million electors said OK.
After a day, Twitter’s interchanges group affirmed in a tweet that the organization was at that point chipping away at the component.

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“no, we didn’t get the thought from a survey,” the group tweeted with a winky face.

What has Musk said about making Twitter’s algorithm more open?

Musk has said he needs to make Twitter’s calculation more straightforward, including allowing individuals to see whether their tweets were advanced or downgraded. He said he needs to make the calculation that suggests whether a tweet gets advanced or downgraded “open source,” or accessible for the general population to see and refine. He said he accepts that will help forestall “in the background control.”

Analysts say this plan is unfathomably more confounded than Musk’s proposition makes it appear. What’s more, Twitter has been thinking about it as of now.

A previous Twitter worker who talked about the state of obscurity to examine private matters said the organization has considered a “calculation commercial center” in which clients can pick various ways of surveying their channels. In any case, endeavors to offer more straightforwardness have demonstrated testing, the individual expressed, in light of how tied Twitter’s calculations are to different pieces of the item. Opening it up could uncover proprietary advantages and welcome maltreatment, the individual said.

What might happen with your private Twitter messages and data?

It’s hazy whether Musk would roll out any improvements to the organization’s protection strategy. He hasn’t declared any designs for changing things and would most likely face critical kickback if clients’ information turned out to be less secure. Possessing Twitter would place him in charge of more touchy client information than his organizations Tesla and SpaceX gather.

Twitter direct messages are not encoded, meaning they are less secure and possibly simpler for individuals inside the organization to see since it doesn’t need an encryption key. While Twitter has a choice to erase DMs, it cautions that the activity just eliminates the information for a singular client. Different gatherings can in any case see it, meaning it is held on Twitter’s servers.

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Musk’s immediate messages, or private messages, have sporadically become public. Last year, he informed a youngster who was running a record that followed his luxury plane. Musk offered him $5,000 to consider.

What is users’ opinion about it?

A few clients were stunned at the value Musk was ready to pay for Twitter, while others contemplated whether Musk arranged to take action against negative tweets about him.

Does this mean Donald Trump is coming back to Twitter?

Twitter forever restricted the previous president after the Jan. 6 Legislative center uproars as a result of what they called “the gamble of additional impelling of savagery.”

donald trump twitter

Numerous eyewitnesses accept Musk will reestablish Trump once he oversees the organization.

Notwithstanding, Trump said he won’t return to Twitter, much under a new proprietorship, picking to stay with his Reality Social application.

How truly does Jack Dorsey feel about the arrangement?

Dorsey, a fellow benefactor of Twitter and an individual from the organization’s board, upholds Musk’s arrangement to procure Twitter.

As per a progression of tweets distributed Monday, Dorsey said taking the organization back from Money Road is the “right initial step to make it private.”

Jack Dorsey twitter
Jack Dorsey Twitter

“On a basic level, I don’t completely accept that anybody ought to claim or run Twitter,” composed Dorsey. “It needs to be a public decent at a convention level, not an organization. Tackling its issue being an organization, be that as it may, Elon is the particular arrangement I trust. I trust his main goal to expand the illumination of awareness.”

Could Twitter move to Texas?

Twitter is presently settled in San Francisco, yet Musk has not secret his affection for Texas about his organizations.

Twitter move to Texas
Twitter moves to Texas

Toward the end of last year, Musk declared plans to move Tesla’s corporate central command from California to Texas. Musk likewise moved the base camp of his burrowing and framework organization, The Exhausting Organization, to Texas. He likewise plans to extend the presence of SpaceX to the state.

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