What you need to know about tamanu oil in Malaysia

tamanu oil

What is Tamanu Oil?

If you’re in a natural food store or health store, you’ve probably seen Tamanu Oil.

Tamanu oil is extracted from seeds that grow in tropical evergreens called the Tamanu almond tree. Tamanu oil and other parts of the Tamanu almond tree have been used medically for hundreds of years by the culture of certain Asian, African, and Pacific islands.

Historically, people believed that Tamanu oil was good for the skin. Today you can find many anecdotes about the use of Tamanu oil on the skin. Several studies suggest that Tamanu oil may help prevent tumor growth in cancer patients, treat vaginal inflammation, and reduce symptoms in HIV-infected individuals. Reliable Sources In general, Tamanu oil is not included in Western medicine.

Benefits of Tamanu Oil

Tamanu oil is believed to have many health and beauty benefits, from long-term wound healing to healthy hair. Not all claims that come to you have been scientifically studied, but there are many.

Acne Tamanu Oil

The 2015 survey examined Tamanu oil in Malaysia from five different regions of the South Pacific. Reliable sources show that this oil exhibits high antibacterial and wound healing activity against acne-related bacterial strains such as Propionibacterium anise (P. anise) and Propionibacterium granulosum. 

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There is also evidence of the anti-inflammatory effect of the oil. P. Acne p. In addition to killing granulosa cells, Tamanu oil can also help treat acne. Reliable source

Tamanu oil for acne scars

Tamanu oil in Malaysia is used to treat scars in hospitals. Reliable sources have been shown to promote cell proliferation and the production of certain components of the skin such as collagen and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). All of these are important for scar healing.

Tamanu oil is also rich in antioxidants and has been shown to be useful not only for acne but also for wound healing.

Tamanu oil for athlete’s foot

Tamanu oil in Malaysia is considered an effective treatment for athletes’ feet and is an infectious fungal infection that affects the skin of the feet. The effects of nuclear oil on athletes’ feet in particular have not been studied, but there is some evidence to support the antifungal properties of the oil. Reliable source

Tamanu oil is effective against wrinkles

Tamanu oil is an active ingredient used in many skincare products, including anti-aging creams. Rich in fatty acids, it keeps the skin moist. It also contains antioxidants that fight the effects of free radicals.

The ability of oils to stimulate the production of collagen and GAG also plays a role in anti-aging and skin regeneration.

Finally, Tamanu oil in Malaysia helps prevent wrinkles from sunburn. 2009 in vitro study found that oil can absorb UV light and prevent 85% of UV-induced DNA damage. Reliable source

Tamanu oil for black spots

There is currently no evidence that Tamanu oil can reduce the appearance of darkening, but some people use it for this purpose.

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Tamanu oil for dry skin

Dry skin is usually treated with oil. Tamanu oil has a lot of fat, so I think it will moisturize the skin.

Tamanu oil for atopic dermatitis

Studies have shown that Tamanu oil may have anti-inflammatory properties. There are reliable sources and people who have used Tamanu oil to treat inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, but further research is needed to understand its role.

Tamanu oil to fade stretch marks

Like acne scars, most people try to weaken stretch marks with moisturizing, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory treatments. Tamanu oil has these properties, but there is not enough research to find out if it works.

Tamanu oil for hair

Researchers haven’t investigated in detail how Tamanu oil affects hair. Not proven, but probably acts as a moisturizer. The story of story suggests that it may be used to delay hair loss, but researchers have not proved this.

Tamanu oil for ingrown hair

An ingrown hair often swells and becomes brittle. Tamanu oil has anti-inflammatory properties, so it can treat the underlying hair. As a proven anti-inflammatory agent, it can bring benefits. However, there is no specific research on tamanu or ingrown hair.

Tamanu oil for insect bites

Some people use Tamanu oil to treat insect bites. Tamanu oil in Malaysia has anti-inflammatory properties, but its effect on insect bites has not yet been studied.

Tamanu oil for stains

Several studies have shown that Tamanu oil has several properties that can help heal wounds on the skin faster, reduce inflammation, and produce collagen.

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Tamanu oil in Malaysia emulsion was used in two studies for the treatment of respiratory and postoperative wounds in inpatients. Tamanu oil, a reliable source, improves healing and greatly reduces fear.

Tamanu oil for sunburn and other burns

Some people use Tamanu oil to treat sunburn and other burns. Studies suggest that Tamanu oil has healing and antibacterial properties, but its effects on burns are not clearly understood.