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Israel is a country that has seen many milestones in its history, from being one of only two countries to experience an increase in trees over 100 years ago up until now when Liner Abargil won Miss World 1998! You can do your walking tour and find sufganiyot (doughnuts) at harvest time too- Chanukah always brings joyous occasions such as these into our lives… Chag Sameach!!

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Israel is known for its high-tech industry, and the IDF helps equip a maternity hospital over the Syrian border. About 4300 startups are operating in Israel with 2 900 located within ten miles of where I am sitting right now (10 kilometers). That makes their rate second only to Silicon Valley itself! Most Windows NT was developed by Microsoft-Israel too.

It was an Israeli engineer working for Intel in California, Dov Frohman, who in 1972 paved the way for computing as we know it when he invented the EPROM, the ultra-violet light, erasable, read-only memory chip that eventually led to the creation of flash memory.

Israeli scientists have devised a computer that can perform 330 trillion operations per second, more than 100,000 times the speed of the fastest PC. The secret: It runs on DNA.

New Year’s Eve in Israel has become a huge party and everyone is invited. The celebrations start early with tens of thousands gathering at Tel Aviv beach to watch the fireworks display over Newman International Airport, which marks declined right into 2019! There will also be music events across town like illegal warehouse parties where you can dance until dawn or go raving wearing only artificial teeth—whatever your heart desires (and maybe let loose).

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This years’ festivities couldn’t come soon enough for these four entrepreneurs who developed technology that helped make modern-day communication possible: Ben El Mordecai (AOL), Michael Libin(ICQ) Gilad Shachar.

Kiryat Malach is located 30 kilometers south of Tel Aviv and first came into existence as a result of Baron Rothschild’s purchase in 1887. The land remained mostly deserted due to its isolation until it received name change after 1958 which honors the Los Angeles Jewish community.”

The former prime minister of Israel, Ehud Barak, played the piano. This became known when he played Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” on a TV show.

Kfar Truman, a moshav located 3km east of the Ben-Gurion airport, was founded in 1949 and named after US president at the time, Harry S. Truman (1884-1972).

Mishmar David was named in honor of a US Army Colonel who became the first General of IDF. Batra is an Israeli moshav founded by war veterans that fought with the British army during World War II and choose this name because they were stationed near Basra, Iraq which made them think about all those dogs there at “Uncle Moshe’s Farm.”

The free e-seder will help you celebrate Tu B’Shevat AND Israel. Get your hands on some planted Israeli seeds to bring a little bit of the country into your home, or try out one of their delicious recipes! In Haifa there is an underwater archaeological site called Atlit Yam which has revealed houses built thousands of years ago by our ancestors near sea level – it’s rather fascinating if I do say so myself.

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