What To Know When Travelling To The Gold Coast

An aerial view of Surfer’s Paradise, Queensland

Australia is a country that is well known for its beautiful beaches, landscapes, attractions and culture. Some of Australia’s top locations that tourists visit often cover zones like Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and the Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast is such a famous part of the Aussie culture because of how vibrant and bright the life is, surrounded by beautiful beaches as well as being constantly warm and full of sunshine. There also happens to be a huge surf culture in the Gold Coast, so expect to be in the water whether you like it or not.

Planning on visiting the Gold Coast down under? Here are some things that you should know

The Theme Parks are Amazing

With the largest concentration of theme parks in the southern hemisphere, the Gold Coast is consistently frequented by those who love the adrenaline rush of going on all sorts of rides. Places like Dreamworld, Wet and Wild, Warner Bros Movie World and Sea World (just to name a few) are some of the most popular theme parks.

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The Weather Is Always Good

With around three hundred days of sunshine a year, the Gold Coast is almost always glowing. Even during the winter months, the weather stays pretty warm and often quite tropical and humid. 

By far the best time to go is going to be around the spring and summertime. Since Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, summer happens around December, making it perfect for Christmas getaways. The Australians are quite lucky they get to end off the year in shorts and outdoors as opposed to most of the world!

You’ll Be In The Water, Whether You Like It or Not

Compared to a lot of other countries around the world, Australia is absolutely incredible for its beaches and laid-back vibe. In the Gold Coast, since every day is holiday weather, expect to be down at the beach from sunrise to sunset. The nightlife around the beaches is awesome too, with lots of bars, clubs, live music, restaurants and so on being only a walk away.


The Gold Coast is not only one of the best locations in Australia but arguably the world. With a beachy tropical atmosphere, it can surely rival places like Miami, Hawaii and Fiji.

The fun never ends when you’re in the Gold Coast, so be sure to stay as long as you like!

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