7 Luxury Travel Tips for 2022


Are you ready to finally start crossing trips off your list again? Ready to go for the best that money can buy to make up for the past two years of missing out? A lot of people are looking to up their travel game due to the pandemic and so many missed opportunities.

Luxury travel will be back in full swing, so pack your bags. If you want to make the most of 2022, take some of these tips with you for your next trip.

1. A Safe Space

If you want to make the most of a trip in 2022 but aren’t completely out of the funk from these past few years, don’t stress. Take a trip to rest and relax. You can even use a luxury travel advisor to help find the most calming and chill locations for you to spend some time.

Try taking a trip with only a few other people or just your partner, focused on taking a break and taking it easy. Think hot springs, spas, or a trip by a beach with nothing on the itinerary but enjoying the location and each other.

Even luxury travel can be stressful, so don’t let your first trip back out in the world be anything but a vacation for rejuvenation. Take time to plan your perfect trip and let all the details be taken care of. Book that airport shuttle service and that spa session ahead of time, so your trip doesn’t take any more out of you.

2. What’s Ethics Got to Do With It?

The 2022 travel trends are more thoughtful and consider the local issues over jumping in as a tourist. Climate change and other growing concerns have changed how people look at travel and what it does for or to local economies. When you’re planning your next trip, think carefully about the locations you want to go to and if your trip is helping or hindering.

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You can also plan more cultural experiencing to better understand where you’re going, and see if there are volunteer opportunities that involve giving back. If you like using a luxury travel agency, make sure yours is willing to put in the work to ensure your trip is ethical and desired by the local population.

3. Pets Included


Luxury travel doesn’t have to be for people alone. These past few years have left many of us tethered to our pets or vice versa. And the 2022 forecast for travel has many of them coming along for the ride. Whether you’re upgrading your airfare with those extra miles or driving to your destination so someone’s head can hang out the window, pets are now more a part of travel than ever.

If you do intend to travel with your pet, even if your splurging for comfort, make sure you take extra precautions and talk to your vet. The last thing anyone wants is for a furry friend to suffer while on the trip.

4. Playing Catch Up

2022 is going to be a big year for travel, and no time to shy away from new experiences. After being cooped up for so long and putting so many things off, your calendar is likely to fill up fast. Many trips like weddings, reunions, and other events were put off for safety and maybe back on in 2022.

So get ready to get some frequent flyer miles under your belt. This year is sure to have lots to do and many people to see and catch up with. It’s a year for yes, so make plans to see those friends and family you missed, and don’t be afraid to add more trips to your agenda.

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5. Work Away

With the working from home trend continuing for many people, working while away is also possible. Want to stay on track with your job and not miss out on a paycheck, but also dying to go to a certain destination at the perfect time of year? Do both.

It’s never been more possible to add travel to your work itinerary. You can even work with a luxury travel agency and find the best ways to accommodate your job schedule with your play schedule while traveling abroad.

6. Go Big or Go Home

Want to go to Europe but can’t pick one country to see for a week? Go for a month. See them all.

2022 is the year that people will be packing up and heading out for those big bucket list items, and you can too. Now is a great time to see the world and see where you can go with many vacation days saved up and unused.

It’s never been more doable as well, with people being more willing to spend but prices not yet rising to meet that for hotels and other expenditures. Don’t be shy about talking to the sky and going on a grand adventure now, when the time is right.

7. Roughing It

While backpacking or traveling light might not be synonymous with luxury travel, it is one of the trends coming for 2022. People are more eco-conscious than ever, and finding ways you can travel in style while considering the environment are on the rise.

Don’t shy away from getting your hands dirty, and you might find the money you save in some areas could go toward other areas like going to the top restaurants in the area or extending your stay a few more nights.

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Luxury Travel for All

Luxury travel doesn’t have to be something you only do once or not at all. You can plan some incredible trips, and this is the year to do it.

So dust off those suitcases and pull out that passport. And if this helped you get some ideas for your next trip or two, keep reading for more good tips.

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