What kind of mistakes do you make when you visit an Indian restaurant for dine-in?

Indian restaurant

When it is about Indian food, then we want to taste the best version of it. To try out the superb food of Indian cuisine, we all tend to visit the Indian restaurant in Sydney. But on our visit to the restaurant, we are sure to make certain mistakes. In our today’s article, we are going to mention all such mistake and the reason of why should you not be doing that:

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Indian restaurant

You use cutlery to relish the Indian food items

When it is about Indian food, then the best taste can only be had, if the individual tries out such items with their hands. The hands are responsible for infusing the positive energy in the food. Besides, it becomes convenient to pluck a bite and dip in the vegetable or the sauces with your hands.

For example, The masala dosa can no doubt be enjoyed with the cutlery, but if the individual wants to enjoy the wholesome flavors, then they must try it out with their hands.

You say it” Chai Tea”

When ordering tea for yourself, you should either ask for the chai or the tea. Do not ask for both. If you do so, then you will make a fool out of yourself.

Do not say it “Naan Bread”

If you have found the naan option in the ‘bread’ category, then do not go for calling it the ann bread. If you do so, then you will end up becoming a center of mocking. Naan is the most popular Indian flatbread which is usually served in marriages or on special occasions. It is made in the tandoor and thus it incorporates the nicest smokey flavor in it.

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There are much more options than naan

Besides naan, there are many more options rather than just naan. You can order from the following

  • Plain roti
  • Paronthe
  • Naan
  • Rumali Roti

Chicken tikka masala is the not only non-veg option

It has been observed that every time you go to an Indian restaurant to satisfy your tastebuds with the non-veg delights, you only order the chicken tikka masala. Are you serious? There are a lot of non-veg options which have been contributed by the Mughals. When it is about the non-veg then you should not forget to try out the Mughlai cuisine.

Not everything is curry

If you think that Indian cuisine is all about curries, then you are wrong. No doubt, there are a majority of the items that are cooked with the help of curry. But it would be quintessentially wrong to say that everything is a curry. If you have a glance at the south Indian dishes, then there will rarely be the food items in which you will find this curry element.

Bottom Line

There are more such mistakes which you might be making on your visit to the Indian restaurants. If you want to know all and the reason why these are called mistakes, then please let us know. We shall be very happy in publishing the carry forward article for you.

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