What do you have to know if you are going to try Indian food?

Indian food

Hie foodie!

Cafe Bahar: Are you ready to experience another kind of culinary journey? Do you know that one place where you can celebrate the festival of flavors? Answer: INDIA.

The craze and demand for Indian cuisine have spread beyond its boundaries. From India to the USA, Indian food is loved by everyone. This can be seen through the popularity of the Indian restaurant in Seattle. From savory to sweets, every dish has something unique in it which makes it worth adding to your list of favorites. There is no doubt, to have quality and tasty Indian dishes, you can go to the best  Indian restaurant in Kirkland. In case you are planning to go to an Indian restaurant for the first time then here’s what you have to keep in mind.

Indian food

Have an understanding of the ingredients

With every local dish from every single place in India, there is something unique about it. While looking for the ingredients you should keep a check on the same. It is better that you have information on the same so that you know what the person taking the order is talking about. There are several ingredients like mustard seeds, freshwater dishes, and citrus fruit. The list goes endless, so it is better that you know something about the ingredients.

Traditional cooking style

You should get information about the Indian cooking style as this is one cuisine which follows the method of making food traditionally. You can have different options like Punjabi curry which is meaty and rich. Moreover, there is butter chicken which is another classic option. The best part about the Indian dishes is that food made with a traditional approach is much better than you think. Taste it once and you will get to know it.

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Number of tasty and light snacks

Street food snacks have another kind of love among the Indians. You can have a crunchy blend of puffed rice, chat papdi, Dahi Bhalla, gol-gappe, vada pav, and served with the amazing chutneys which are indeed mouth-watering in every manner.

Every region has a different dish

As we have mentioned earlier, every dish has a different flavor and taste to it. From North to South and East to West, there is something different with every dish. For example, South Indian food has idli sambar, masala dosa (crisp pancakes stuffed with spice potatoes and served with coconut chutney). From the west, there are more vegetarian-based dishes like pork vindaloo which is sauce-based with the perfect blend of vinegar and garlic.

Every bite filled with delight

Indeed with every bite, you will have the delight of having something which makes your taste buds go to whole another level. So, when you plan to visit an Indian restaurant for the first time, do not get overwhelmed and start with the basic dishes. Once you get an understanding of Indian cuisine then slowly start ordering different dishes to satiate your taste buds.

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