What kind of flooring is used in a commercial kitchen?

commercial kitchen

Are you also looking for the best flooring for commercial kitchen? Kitchens are the most used part of every property. When we talk about commercial kitchens, there is a great hustle and bustle in this area. Commercial kitchens are fully licence based, where chefs can prepare foods for their customers. It is an important task to make the kitchen floor smooth, so there are no chances of injuries occurring when there is a hustle and bustle.

How do you select the best commercial kitchen flooring?

Choosing the right commercial kitchen floor is difficult. We give you complete information about the best commercial kitchen flooring. It would be best if you chose the floor according to the design of your kitchen. You will decide the design and colour combination of the tiles. 

If you have no experience with commercial kitchen tiles, it would be best to take a bit of advice from your friends.

Qualities that you should keep in mind before choosing tiles

When you buy tiles for your commercial kitchen, those things will be helpful for you.

  • Process of hygiene: When you buy tiles for your commercial kitchen, make sure that there are no cracks in the tiles. Otherwise, water will stay in these cracks, which is the cause of different bacteria and diseases.
  • Buy tiles that can be easily installed: If you want to save time, buy the tiles that can be easily installed.
  • Safe for your crew: Keep in mind that many chefs and bakers visit on the floor. It will be dangerous for them when they meet injuries while working on the slippery surface. 
  • Durable: Commercial kitchen floor has to bear a lot of pressure, such as hot water, oil, etc. So it is best to check its durability.
  • Maintenance: Buy the tiles that are easy to maintain. Here maintenance means the tiles should be easy to clean and maintain.
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Different types of floor that are used in a commercial kitchen

There is a variety of floors that are used in a commercial kitchen. We will be aware of all the types of commercial kitchens.

  • Resin flooring 
  • Ceramic tiles 
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Natural stone 
  1. Resin flooring 

Resin floors are well known for commercial kitchens. They are cheap and strong flooring types. There are also different types of resin flooring. Resin floors have the quality of easy cleaning and chemical resistance.

It is a versatile floor that makes your work easy. Epoxy flooring is also the type of resin floor that is easily utilized for the hygiene process. It is efficient to clean. There is also a wide variety of different colours and designs.

  1. Ceramic  tiles

It is the best feature tile that makes commercial floors work well. It has all the qualities such as durability, high quality and reliability. They are best in the hygiene process because they do not attract dirt and allergies.

Installing and fixing the process of ceramic times is very easy. Ceramic tiles are used on a large scale because there is no slippery process in that tiles. It has a hard and solid surface that make it popular. Ceramic tiles are the cheapest tiles that are used in commercial kitchens.

  1. Vinyl flooring

The high quality of vinyl flooring is durable when it is properly installed. It is generally easy to clean and do not have the property of slipping. Its water resistance property makes it durable and widely used.

A thin layer over the surface gives you comfort to work in the kitchen. Vinyl flooring is the easiest type of flooring to install.

  1. Natural stone 
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Natural stone is one of the top priorities for commercial kitchen flooring. It also has a long-lasting property, but it is a little bit expensive type of tile, but its reliability is on the top level. Natural stone tile for the kitchen should be chosen carefully.  

Natural stone tiles have been chosen for the commercial kitchen floor for the past years. You can easily afford this type of tiles for your commercial kitchens.

Prices of commercial kitchen flooring

The prices of commercial kitchen flooring depend on the type of floor you use for the kitchen. The average rate for the kitchen flooring is approximately between $3 to $10. The kitchen floor prices also depend on the area and quality of the tiles. These factors are very important when buying tiles for your commercial kitchens.

Conclusion: There is a variety of floors that are used in commercial kitchens. There is a great hustle and bustle in the kitchen. Therefore, it is important to know its qualities, reliability and water resistance