Characteristics of Moissanite Pave Engagement Rings

Characteristics of Moissanite Pave Engagement Rings


Moissanite is a popular alternative to diamonds for engagement rings. This lab-created stone can look almost identical to a diamond, costing only about 10 percent of what a diamond would cost.

It also comes with several benefits, including eco-friendly manufacturing and ethically-sourced jewelry. However, it can take time to decide whether Moissanite is suitable for you.


Moissanite pave rings can come in various colors, from white to yellow or pink gold. Choosing a diamond that matches the stone’s hue is an easy way to ensure a seamless look.

One of the best things about Moissanite is that it’s lab-grown and possesses many of the same characteristics as diamonds. In addition, you can choose the setting that best fits your style and price range because Moissanite is offered in various settings.

Another great thing about Moissanite is that it looks much brighter than a diamond and is more durable and sustainable. It is thanks to the fact that it doesn’t require toxic chemicals in its growth process as a diamond does.

For example, this vintage-inspired ring from Gema & CO features pave-set oval Moissanite in a classic setting. In addition, the gemstone is accented with a scallop detail to add even more shine.

The ring also features a double-sided halo of diamonds for extra brilliance and elegance. This style is famous for couples who want to show their love with a unique ring.

Another type of pave-setting is micro pave, which uses the smallest prongs possible to hold gems in place. It is perfect for narrow bands and can be used in single-band Moissanite rings. Other options include petite pave, which employs more significant prongs and is a good choice for bigger stones. And, if you’re looking for a trendy option, try U-cut pave or scallop, which features a groove for each gem and creates an interesting wavy effect.

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Moissanite pave engagement rings sparkle with a beautiful, radiant radiance. Because of this, they’re famous for brides-to-be who want a more sparkly and unique stone than a diamond.

However, various elements, including size and shape, can impact the clarity of Moissanite.

For example, a larger, more round stone will have fewer inclusions than a smaller, square, or rectangular stone.

In addition, the inclusions that do occur can be more challenging to spot with the naked eye. Most are very small and only noticeable under a jeweler’s microscope.

Additionally, inclusions in Moissanite may be yellow or green. Again, it is because Moissanites aren’t colorless like diamonds, so that they can have some tints under certain lights.

Fortunately, most stones in this category are very close to flawless. The only exception is when there are needle-like inclusions that look like tiny hairs, but they’re very rare.

Another factor affecting a Moissanite’s clarity is its cut’s shape and size. For example, a princess-cut gemstone can have many more inclusions than a pear or oval cut.

It is because the princess cut has more facets than the pear and oval cuts, which are designed to refract light. As a result, it enables the diamond to reflect more light, giving it a higher level of brilliance.


Compared to diamonds, Moissanite is much smaller and lighter. As a result, it allows you to choose a larger center stone than you would with diamonds of the same size.

Moissanite also has fewer flaws than diamonds and is a better choice for those with color sensitivity. Also, Moissanite is available in various cuts and sizes, so you can find one that perfectly suits your style.

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In comparison to diamonds, Moissanite is a more affordable option. However, even with budgets as small as $500, you can still purchase a stunning Moissanite engagement ring.

If you are considering a Moissanite pave ring, it is essential to understand the carat of this gem. It is 15% lighter than a diamond, so you should not expect it to look as large as a diamond of the same carat weight.

However, Moissanite can sparkle and display fire. Moreover, it allows more colored light flashes than diamonds of the same carat weight.

It makes it the perfect gemstone to add color to your ring design. It can be set in any metal, including yellow gold or rose gold.

You can even get a pave ring with a combination of both natural and lab-grown diamonds. Regardless of what you decide, you will surely love the beauty and elegance of your new ring.


Moissanite paves engagement rings are an excellent choice for those who want to get the sparkle of a diamond but don’t necessarily want to spend as much on one. They are also eco-friendly because they are lab-created gemstones.

Although moissanites aren’t as expensive as diamonds per carat, they can still be costly. As a result, it can make them an unpopular option for many people, who might prefer to spend more on a diamond.

However, they are an affordable alternative to traditional diamonds and can be passed down as a family heirloom. However, they need to gain some of the value diamonds have and may not be as coveted by your partner or friends.

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If you decide to go with a Moissanite engagement ring, it’s essential to choose the right setting. A micro paves setting, for example, features numerous small diamonds that line the band and make the center stone appear more sparkly.

Another popular setting for a Moissanite engagement ring is the pave halo style. This setting uses a series of prongs to hold the stone in place. The ring can be worn two ways: as a halo and with the center stone on top of the halo.

Moissanite engagement rings are very durable and should last your entire lifetime. They also resist abrasion and scratching, so they will not likely be damaged or worn down quickly.

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