What is the opening of a ramen shop?

What is the opening of a ramen shop?

I will teach you how to start a ramen shop that is cheap and does not fail in an unoccupied property. When ラーメン店オープン for the first time, it is most difficult to fail to open it cheaply using an unoccupied property.

Even in such an unstable era of the corona, the ramen shop that opened by utilizing the unoccupied property without spending money is steadily surviving. And I have used this know-how to open 87 ramen shops so far.

 Today, I would like to tell you “how to open a ramen shop that is hard to fail by utilizing a vacant property without spending money”.

  • If you use an unoccupied property, you can open it at 1/3 of the normal cost.
  •  Location is everything for unoccupied properties! In this era, if the location is good, it will be more prosperous than near the station.

      (3) There are more check items in contracts for unoccupied properties than in regular property contracts. 

Funds required opening a ramen shop:

In fact, a ramen shop costs more than you can imagine if you make it from scratch with a skeleton.

 For example, if you ラーメン店オープン with a size of 10 stubs (about 20 tatami mats) in Tokyo, the average cost of opening it will be 8 to 10 million yen. If you rent a rental property with the so-called interior and exterior reset, this is called a skeleton.

 In addition, when renting a prime location such as in front of a station, the property acquisition costs such as security deposit (security deposit) and key money will be higher in addition to the rent, and not only the opening cost but also the monthly payment will be higher.

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 However, this opening cost of 10 million yen is just an average opening cost, so it may be a little different on a case-by-case basis, but in most cases it will cost about this.

 In the case of a ラーメン店を開くTokyo, I rented a small shop of 12 stub for a rent of 225,000 yen and opened a ramen shop.

Benefits of opening a ramen shop:

An unoccupied property is a property that used to run some kind of restaurant there. In the case of an unoccupied property that used to run a ramen shop, you can take over the kitchen equipment and fixtures as it is, so it can be opened much cheaper than the cost of building a shop from the skeleton. In addition, since the interior that has already been completed will be taken over, there are also merits such as shortening the construction period and accelerating the schedule until opening.

Disadvantages of opening a ramen shop:

The only disadvantage of opening a ramen shop in an unoccupied property is that it will take over the interior and exterior, so the originality will be lost a little.

 Also, depending on the customer, for example, former regular customers may take over the bad information from the past, such as “Is it the same unsatisfactory ramen shop as before …” if the inside of the store has not changed much. You need to be careful about that point. 

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