In a period where social media forces to be reckoned with have kept on gathering increasingly more fame, Josh Richards has figured out how to lay down a good foundation for himself as one of the greats. Forces to be reckoned with were before known for their luxurious ways of life, $100,000 vehicles yet this is appropriate changing over the long haul. These days, Influencers hope to put resources into different endeavors or start organizations of their own.

Who Is Josh Richards?

Joshua Kenneth Richards, referred to popularly as Josh Richards, is a social media force to be reckoned with, an artist, entertainer, host, and business visionary. He was brought into the world on 31st January 2002 in Ontario. Josh has 2 more youthful kin, Olivia and William.

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Since joining online media, Josh Richards has amassed north of 24 million adherents on TikTok, 2.4 million on YouTube, and 7.3 million supporters on Instagram. He for the most part posts dance recordings, lip-synchronizes, and video dramas on his online media accounts. Alongside being a Tik Tok star, Richards has scored highlighted in films including Late spring Dropouts and Sibling’s Guardian.

Why Josh Richards Is The Most Accomplished Influencer In The Business World

Likewise, with most Influencers in this current administration, Josh Richards has secured himself as a business visionary with many endeavors. Some of them include:


The internet sensation is the joint proprietor of TalentX. TalentX is a diversion bunch that hopes to join and coming Influencers from everywhere in the world. His contribution to the diversion organization prompted an agreement with Warner Records which saw him sign with his organization as the primary craftsman. TalentX was subsequently obtained by a gaming and eSports organization known as RekTGlobal.

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Ani Energy


Josh is likewise the face behind Ani Energy. Close by Bryce Corridor, Richards presented a caffeinated savor organization 2020 to rival Bang Energy. The organization has recorded achievements and has made it to the racks of specific ShopRites and Walmarts.

CSO at Triller

The young business person is likewise an accomplice in the promising social media stage Triller. Josh is additionally the central procedure official (CSO) of the video-sharing organization.

Venture Capital Investor

He has additionally elaborated himself in Venture speculations. He is an individual from Remus Capital, a Venture firm that has put resources into Lendtable, ReKT Worldwide, Versus Game, Atmos, Poppi, AON3D, Mix, Humanity, and Chalk informing.

Cross Check Studios

Cross Check Studios
Cross Check Studios

In to addition his vocation, Josh teamed up with prepared business visionary, Michael Gruen to work with the amazing Imprint Wahlberg to send off CrossCheck Studios. The organization is known for arranging content designated for age Z.

The once Tik Tok star has to be sure to go all-out with his interests in the business world. His huge range of speculations makes him seem the most Accomplished Influencer in the business world.


Why is Josh Richards popular?

His posts often include dancing, lip-syncing, and video skits. He has resided in the Sway House since January 2020. … According to a Forbes report published in August 2020, Richards earned $1.5 million in 2019 from his numerous sponsorship deals, making him the fifth highest-earning TikTok personality.

How is Josh Richards an entrepreneur?

josh richards

Richards has turned his TikTok success into a career as an entrepreneur and investor. … He is the chief strategy officer at Triller, TikTok’s competitor, and he co-founded Talent X, the management company responsible for Sway House and its spin-off collectives

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What companies does Josh Richards own?

As an entrepreneur, Richards is also a consistent angel investor, investing in dozens of companies including ReKT Global, Lendtable, Atmos, Versus Game, AON3D, Poppi, Chalk Messaging, Stir, and Humanity.

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