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Why do we need to have website accessibility?

In the United States alone, there are approximately sixty-one million people living with a disability. That is one in four of the population, a huge amount of people, I am sure you would agree. With such a large number of people living with a disability, the world is taking notice and trying to make sure that these ones feel included and that they are not discriminated against. This is easier said than done when the world is advancing at such a fast rate. Today, the world is all about the internet. Especially when the pandemic hit, and everything moved online, the need for accessibility in this area became more important than ever. Just as shops and offices have needed to be accessible for many years now to make sure disabled ones have the same access as everyone else, so too now, the internet needs the same level access so disabled people can continue to have the same level of access that they deserve, have a right to and require. There are companies, like accessiBe, that are working at this and making sure that disabled people are well cared for when it comes to the internet.

But there is also another reason why accessibility is important. This is the fact that it is a legal responsibility for website owners to make sure that their website is accessible to disabled users. By failing to do this you will leave yourself exposed to potential lawsuits, which in turn could result in a damaged reputation and a lot of money lost.

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How can I make the changes needed and have an accessible website?

There is software available to you right now. This software will do the work for you and make sure that your website is accessible. How does it do this? Have you heard of artificial intelligence? Sounds very futuristic I know, but artificial intelligence is going to do what you need to be on board with accessibility. It can ensure you are within the legal requirements; it can check your site daily for any accessibility issues, and it can fix them when it detects them. This makes things so much easier for website owners. It does everything they need with minimal involvement and time from them.


It should be a top priority for all of us to make the online world accessible to those living with a disability. This can be done very easily by using the software that is available. So, there really is no excuse for having an accessible online world.

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