All things to know about Israel


Geography of Israel

Israel is a country in the Middle East that borders Egypt to its west, Jordan, and Syria on its east while also sharing Neilurm Lebanon’s northern border. The majority of Israel’s landmass lies near sea level but it has one distinguishable feature: A freshwater lake called Lake Kinneret or Sea Of Galilee which descends 1 348 ft (411 m) below mean tide levels before merging with other Mediterranean waters at Syro-Jordanian coastlines just south.

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History of Israel

The land of Palestine has been considered a holy site by many people for centuries. In ancient times, it was known as Canaan and home to the Philistines who occupied this area in 1200 BC.

The name “Palestine” comes from what is now called The Palestinians who live there today; their native tongue was originally Fil-elt which means “orthy” or good place but over time became altered into Pali deciding how things sounded better if you said them faster so then eventually we got our current pronunciation.

The people of Israel have been through a lot. They were founded as one kingdom, but then split into two after being invaded by different countries and ruled over at different times — from 1000 Bc until 135 A D!

Palestine was a center for Christian pilgrimage beginning in Emperor Constantine’s time. The Arabs took control from the Byzantine Empire around 640?, but were interrupted only by Crusaders until they finally defeated them at this point centuries later during World War I when Britain became responsible for governing what is now Israel under an international mandate system enforced through the League Of Nations agreements-allowing these Jews to live their lives without interference or aggression until Goldstein went up against 3000 Turkish soldiers single-handedly killing all of them while sacrificing himself so others could Live!

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Economy of Israel

The economy in Israel is on a steady growth trajectory with $273 billion worth of capital goods produced last year and an inflation rate of 3%.  The unemployment level has also recently hit 1%, showing no signs of a decrease soon. In terms of raw materials like land or labor force availability, there are enough resources available but not too many people who can work in these fields due to high demand within different industries such as high technology projects which includes aviation-communications computer-aided design manufacturing medical electronics fiber optics food beverages tobacco caustic soda cement construction metal products chemical product plastics et cetera.

The export market for natural resources has been steadily growing in recent years, with $62.3 billion worth of exports reported to the US Department Of Commerce (2012). The top five countries buying from us are Canada at 28%, and China at 19%. Belgium 13%, Hong Kong 8% while Russia & Mexico 6%. We also have strong partnerships within Africa where 26% percent or more than two-thirds of global trade goes through Israeli ports each year!

Israel has a population of about 8,000 people per square kilometer. The main lines in use are 3 million (2012), mobile cellular 925 thousand and broadcast media that includes a state broadcasting network operated by IBA which broadcasts on 2 channels; one Hebrew/ Arabic double flagship TV Station with 5 commercial multi-channel packages including Russian & Israeli National News Services alongside music supervised publicly owned body.

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