The Value Of Staying Current With Skills Development

Skills Development

Businesses around the world are updating their tech daily. They do this to stay relevant in a viable global market. But is updating tech enough to stop playing catch-up? The answer is a strong NO! You need to invest in skills development such as Microsoft Azure Certification Courses and focus on aligning skills not only with current solutions but also with planned projects for the future.

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Acknowledging the Skill Gap

As you know, given the speed at which technology evolves, is there a difference between the skills available and the skills available to work with emerging technology? This problem is exacerbated by the creation of new career paths for characters such as data scientists, cloud administrators, solution architects, and so on.

Let the Figures Talk

According to the 2019 IT Skills and Salary Report, the skills gap has been steadily widening over the past three years. Eighty percent of IT decision-makers surveyed said their teams lacked the necessary skills. The survey also revealed that only 59% of the surveyed IT decision-makers had approved the training in the last 12 months.

Many businesses have switched to recurring revenue models as a result of changes to more dynamic, results-oriented solutions than required IT projects. These partners approach projects with an emphasis on customer impact, innovation, and expertise.

This makes domain knowledge about flexibility skills and innovative solution classes more important. According to the 2018 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report, 92% of executives surveyed agreed that soft skills such as communication, leadership, and collaboration were as important as technical skills.

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Keeping Up With Skill Development

Well, as you can guess, the only way to close the technical and soft skills gap is to invest in training support. Skill development cannot be a one-time event. Training should be an ongoing struggle to close the skill gap and close the skill gap. This training needs to be described as a strategic factor in an organization’s growth strategy. The best way to do this is to have a continuous learning program with well-organized training modules that promote a learning culture.

Ongoing training and certification program are some of the key steps to build:

  • Assess the current skill portfolio
  • Set targets and metrics for talent recruitment and retention
  • Understand role definitions and likely resource mapping and career paths for cloud practices
  • Create digital skill profiles for targeted training
  • Invest in structured skill development programs
  • Prepare learners for certifications tied to Microsoft Partner Competencies

Invest In Skill Development and Reap Multi-Pronged Benefits

Rest assured, investing in skills development does more than just make teams more productive.

There are some important benefits to sustainable development:

Employee Retention

Without proper training, retaining employees for more than 2 years is a challenge. However, with sustainable development programs, sustainability can be doubled. A common reason employees leave the organization is because they do not have the opportunity to pursue their careers. Training and creating new roles allow HR teams to provide employees within the organization with opportunities that are relevant to their future. When employees recognize that their careers can grow within the organization, they are less inclined to look for new places elsewhere.

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Better Compensation

With higher skill sets, such as those provided by Azure Azure, the SEPs charge higher. According to the Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report 2018, certified staff around the world are paid 9% more than uncertified staff. In the United States, the difference was about 22%.

Improved Performance

An organization that invests not only in technology but also in training will not be able to sue the maximum potential of the technology available to them. It is only when staff receive permanent training that they can stay up-to-date with technology and use it the way it was supposed to. Applying their new skills to their character makes them more productive and dramatically increases productivity. Certification has increased the effectiveness of employment by 70%.

Reputation & Recruitment

Offering permanent growth opportunities is one way to make employees feel valued. Carrying out this commitment towards skill development and innovation also builds a strong reputation and the company is known as an investment company among its people. This can be the biggest recruitment asset of the organization.

Personal Growth

The company is not the only one to benefit from better employees. Being able to work with relevant technology and being more productive also has personal benefits for employees. It builds self-confidence, makes them more trustworthy, creates a sense of community with other approved professionals, and increases job satisfaction.

To Conclude

Now that you know the game well, let’s move on to creating an action plan. The way forward requires ongoing training and certification, such as certification for developers. Enable your HR and business managers to work strategically and identify gaps in employee skills as well as skill sets. Let’s pledge to stay connected with us on the technical and expertise front this year!

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