All you need to know about Necklace for Minimalist, including How to Style It


Minimalist jewelry is gaining popularity amongst people who want to enrich their collection with subtle pieces, add a classy and elegant touch to their looks, and help them deliver a sophisticated appearance.

People call it the naked or barely-there jewelry because of how it blends into your appearance and gives you a timeless, dainty, and even flirty look.

Everyone has a favorite look, and you can upgrade that look by adding a gold bracelet or a bar necklace. You can also create a new look by layering several pieces to give you a textured appearance.

If you’re ready to jump into the minimalist jewelry, here’s a list of the best minimalist jewelry you can add to your looks, and how to do that: 

Chain Necklaces

Chain necklaces are the classic necklace for minimalists and are great additions to virtually anything you’re wearing. You can also use it to achieve a layered look.

Bar necklaces

 These pieces have a simple pendant that’s shaped like a bar on a slim gold chain. It is a great choice because it isn’t shouty, and you can wear several necklaces of this style without seeming too much. You can even engrave whatever you like on the necklace.

Simple pendant necklace

Necklaces with small pendants that are oval-shaped, round, or designed in circles are great minimalist pieces. They have a way of subtly calling attention to your look, which is classy. Also, you can customize the pendant with engravings that fit your taste.

Simple chain necklaces

If you don’t like pendant necklaces, a simple and beautiful chain necklace is a great minimalist piece. You can layer it beautifully to achieve a stylish look. It is perfect to pair with stud earrings.

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Recently, we have seen some very fashionable necklaces for minimalists like Moon Sun Star, Celestial Jewelry, and Evil eye necklace. They make a beautiful and stylish addition to your look and also help you personalize your appearance. 

Feel free to explore these pieces of jewelry to create a beautiful look that is uniquely yours.

Solid Gold Bracelets

Solid gold bracelets make a perfect addition to your minimalist collection.

Just as you can style and layer a simple chain necklace, you can do the same for a solid gold necklace to achieve a simple style. 

A solid gold bracelet is a great way to subtly draw attention to your hands, especially if you have rings on that further accentuate the beauty of your hands.

 For a modern minimalistic appearance, wear bracelets that come in geometric shapes. 

Solid Gold Rings

Just like bands you can attract attention with solid gold rings. Solid gold bands are simple minimalist pieces that call attention to your hands, especially when you use them with a geometric-shaped bracelet. 

You can also explore barrings, which you can customize with engravings of your choice.

You Can Pull Off Minimalistic Jewelry!

We hope this post has helped you realize that minimalistic jewelry is for you, just as much as everyone else can use it. Embrace the versatility that comes with minimalist jewelry which you can leverage for all occasions. Remember that minimalist jewelry draws attention to you, and with this jewelry, less is more!

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