The Ultimate Guide to Plan Your Engagement Party

Engagement Party

You want an engagement party that people would remember for decades. But you’re stressing over it way too much. The big day is near, but you’ve no idea how to plan the day. Don’t worry. To reduce your engagement party stress, we have created a guide on how to plan your engagement day. This guide covers everything concerned with a perfect engagement party.

Planning your perfect Engagement Day

Choosing the Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is the most important thing on an engagement day. You can buy a pre-set ring for your engagement, or you can customize one. Once, custom engagement rings were only for the rich and popular. But times have changed. Now, you can create your own engagement ring within your budget.

Deciding the venue

You can use your own home or the backyard as the venue of your engagement day. If you want a big party, you can book a restaurant. It completely depends upon you whether you want the party to be formal or informal. 

Finding the Right Dress

Both you and your partner can have matching attires. You can wear something that’d match the party settings. You can just check Pinterest or Instagram for some engagement day dress suggestions.

Set a date

Don’t hurry while setting a date for the engagement. If you are buying a customized engagement ring, set the engagement date after 4-5 months of ordering your ring. It takes a few weeks to a few months to make custom engagement rings.

Create a guest list

Do you want an engagement party only with family and friends? It is completely fine. But don’t invite people to your engagement if you won’t invite them to your wedding. The guest list also depends upon the venue and the budget. So, create the guest list wisely. Also, try to send invitations a few weeks before the engagement day.

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Plan the menu

Food is a very important element for any party. You can keep your favorite dishes on the menu. You can just keep appetizers and cocktails on the menu if you have a strict budget to follow.

Think about the Decoration

You surely want great decor on your engagement day for some quality pictures. You can have some simple decoration or a floral arrangement. You can also hire a wedding planner to plan the perfect engagement decor according to your taste.

Don’t stress much over the engagement party. Don’t spend all your money on this pre-wedding party. Always remember that the wedding day is more important than the engagement day. If you are too worried about it, then let someone else host it. We hope our guide has helped you reduce your stress and you’ve started planning your engagement party.

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