Planning an Online Birthday Party

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Whether you’re sending your best friend a wine delivery or hosting a birthday party online, there are numerous ways to make sure that your loved one feels appreciated when it’s their day to shine. Once the pandemic is over, we’ll all have a great excuse to throw some of the best birthday parties ever. For now, however, let’s stay safely distanced and celebrate using some of these great tips for sending safe birthday greetings:

Send Greetings by Mail

One of the best ways to show your affection is with a greeting card. If you don’t live close enough to just swing by and drop it in the mailbox, or if you’ve waited until the last minute, consider sending an e-greeting card through an online service, instead.

For a kid’s party send a little party favor before the party, we have unicorns, dinosaurs, skulls choose your favorite light-up wand.

Create a Celebratory Video Montage

The only way to add to a normal birthday card is to increase the coolness factor by making it interactive. Consider using a service such as Tribute to create a video montage that’s customized for your loved one. Request that loved ones spend a bit of time recording their birthday messages in advance. Tribute then compiles all of the messages and emails the special individual a video card. The card looks like a traditional greeting card but has a thin video screen inside that displays the messages. This gift is unique and sure to be treasured for many years.

Plan an Online Birthday Party Using Zoom

Arrange a Zoom meeting and send out invites to your friends for a virtual birthday party. You can set things up well in advance, so everyone can set aside a bit of time to drop in online. The video quality on Zoom is great, allowing you all to see one another and hear one another throughout the entire event. If you’d like to make things extra special, consider giving the birthday guest a slightly later time than everyone else, then sing “Happy Birthday” to them when they “arrive” online.

Ship Champagne

While the two of you may not be able to meet up in person to raise your glasses and celebrate, you can still have a birthday toast. There are numerous ways to deliver wine, champagne, and even liquor directly to your loved one’s doorstep. Consider utilizing a site like ReserveBar, which is available in many areas of the United States.

Plan a Netflix Party

If you enjoy hanging out with your friends and watching Netflix, but the pandemic has cramped your style, consider planning an online watch party. Download the Netflix Party extension for Chrome, so that you and your friends can all watch the same movie at once. This extension has synchronized video playback, as well as a chat room where everyone can hang out and talk about the movie while you enjoy it together. It’s a great way to relax and unwind, together, virtually.

Send along Dessert

One lovely way to support a local restaurant during the pandemic is by ordering your loved one birthday delivery. Select a restaurant that is local to them with excellent dessert options and has something delivered just in time for their special day.

Consider a Group Class – At Home

Do you prefer enjoying a fun activity together? Consider gathering your friends for a birthday class together. Numerous belly dancing studios, gyms, trainers, and art classes are offering their events online during the pandemic. Everyone could log in to the same class, spend time learning something new, and then share a meal virtually.No cleaning required.

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