The Pretence of Seller Disclosures in Florida


Are you planning to buy or sell a home in Florida? Have you checked with all the sellers disclosure yet? 

If you are looking to buy a home in Florida, are you aware of the potential defects like erosion, drainage, leaks, cracks, water supply, proximity to market, and essential utilities yet? If not, here’s a cue for you. Make yourself aware of all the possible factors that would help you in discerning the best move towards a successful property approval. Let’s get started!

Earlier sellers in Florida were able to sell properties, lands, and homes to buyers who were unaware of major potential defects that could be problematic in coming times. They had to go through major renovations for problems like:

  • Leaking ceilings
  • Inadequate Drainage
  • Dripping Water Pipes
  • Electrical Rooting
  • Insect infestations
  • Wooden Termites
  • Asbestos attached to the ceiling
  • Wooden Flooring
  • Disputes with property boundaries
  • Cracks in the foundational stone or instabilities
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What does the Florida Law on Seller Property Disclosure predict?

Florida law requires sellers to disclose any facts or conditions that might affect the value of the property materially. This implies that the sellers must take the buyer in the loop while discussing any issues related to the value of the property. 

According to Florida Law on sellers’ property disclosure obligation, the buyers can get the entire property inspected. Alternatively, if any defects in the property are not visible to the buyers explicitly, Florida Law does not require the seller or their realtors to disclose any such significant or insignificant defects.

What should a home buyer know?

Besides asking the seller, a home buyer must also use some common sense, and should not inhibit from asking anything everything that they would like to know about their future home. Most of the time, it might not occur to them. They must set a baseline requirement so that they are able to investigate all the latent and hidden defects.

What can be the challenges with seller disclosures in Florida?

Oftentimes, sellers themselves might not be aware of the actual issues with the properties. Florida law also does not require the home sellers to dive deeper and explore the issue. 

What should a home buyer do in case the seller does not disclose any issues?

If a seller is not able to disclose any defects in the property the buyer must have an experienced construction law attorney on their side.

What should a buyer do to avoid latent defects in home purchases?

A home can be a huge investment for the buyer as well as the seller. Never let your house of dreams with someone else’ worst nightmare. A seller might be tempted to hide the issues in case they reveal them to the buyer might mean that they will have to spend thousands of dollars repairing them. A buyer in this case should visit and align with a construction attorney who will get the home inspected with an experienced construction expert.

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What would happen if a home inspector misses such defects?

It might happen that home inspectors might miss some issues in the property on sale in Florida, as they might not necessarily be looking out for them. So it is very important to have the right experts on your side. 

What should a buyer do in case they become the victim of a seller’s ignorance?

An experienced construction law attorney is your way to go. They will only be able to help you out in case of possible ignorance on the seller’s part. This should be done on priority as the lagging problems might become worse with time. A home buyer will also have to look into the attached legal problems and practical problems that they might face like fixing the home.

How can construction attorneys help homebuyers in resolving property disclosure disputes?

They devise a comprehensive plan of action to allow homebuyers to discover crucial evidence of any misconduct from sellers. The timely assistance of construction attorneys can help home buyers recover their money, and deal with seller’s misconduct amicably. And the home repairs can allow buyers (new homeowners) to return back to the comfort of their homes. 

What is the Florida Law for a home property that is being sold “As-Is”?

Florida Law holds no exception for the sellers who do not wish to disclose any defects in the home even if they are somehow aware of potential mishappening. Many Real estate contracts in Florida contain the ‘As-Is’ clause. In such a case, the seller will not be pardoned, as keeping the buyer ignorant might harm the overall property value. This protects the buyers from being cheated and fetching the right value of the property at stake.  The seller is obligated to disclose all known facts to the buyer, failing which they might have to face legal proceedings.

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What action should the buyers take if they find any flaw or find sellers flouting?

Buyers must get their contract reviewed by the construction attorney in case they are unsure if the real-estate contract they are signing or have already signed exposes them to potentially dangerous seller’s issues. A home could be the biggest purchase you ever make in your life. Why risk it?


This blog clarifies the need for the home buyers to understand sellers disclosure Florida agreements: 

(1) why is it required, 

(2) how to get rid of the possible disputes, 

(3) how to safeguard your rights, 

(4) whom should they contact in case of discrepancy, and 

(5) what possible actions can they take if they find seller misconduct. 

Emphasizing this, a buyer must always insist upon looking at the sellers’ property disclosure to save themselves from any future complications. They can be adamant on that and find the help of the law to get the sellers to fill one out. The results will be worthy.

The buyer’s representative’s force can and should force the seller or listing agent to provide property disclosure papers. Without this, buyers may want to investigate the property more thoroughly during the course of the investigation period.

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