Outdoor Furniture Care: 8 Tips to Maintain Your Outdoor Bench 

Outdoor Bench 

Outdoor furniture enables you to sit back and relax while taking in the sights and sounds of your beautiful, vibrant garden.  

The outdoor bench is a pleasant complement to any garden because it is casual and comforting. It is a multi-functional piece of garden furniture. However, like any outdoor furniture, the modest bench will require regular upkeep and repair.  

Fortunately, none of the maintenance and repair suggestions mentioned below are expensive or time-consuming. They are, for the most part, tasks that can be completed by anyone with a basic understanding of DIY. 

Using a Sturdy Waterproof Cover 

Ice and intense cold are the most common hazards for hardwood. It’s doom and gloom when water seeps into the wood, particularly if it hardens.

Water swells when it thaws, smashing against the grain. If this continues, your precious wooden bench may become fragile and potentially worthless with time. The solution is a durable waterproof covering. When it is too chilly to sit outside, cover your bench till spring. 

Varnishing the Bench 

Spread a protective coating of thin varnish over the surface with a soft bristle brush, safety gloves, and a shipshape exterior lacquer.  

This coat of varnish forms an elastic top defensive covering that stretches as the furniture expands and narrows in response to humidity and dryness.  

Oiling the Bench 

Oiling is a great way to nourish the wood if you choose not to use varnish. It will take time for each coat to dry, similar to varnishing wooden furniture. Instead of applying the oil in a thick coat, layer it many times for an optimum outcome. 

Removing Stains Immediately   

Even with a defensive barrier of oil or varnish, wood can absorb stains, detracting from the bench’s overall beauty. Whenever something is spilled on the bench, clean it up instantly.  

Using a Brush 

Brushing your outdoor bench helps eliminate exterior detritus and filth, just like you clean your floor or patio to ensure they remain beautiful. However, don’t overlook the bottom, as that’s where moisture and other problems might lurk, all of which lead to a wooden bench premature demise. 

Cleaning it Up 

It would be best to clean the garden furniture like you clean your home’s flooring or swirl some soap and warm water over the backyard to remove underlying filth.  

Scrubbing hardwood benches with a soft brush and warm soapy water is especially beneficial. The oil or varnish will not come off even with vigorous cleaning. It is often recommended that you give your bench a quick rinse before varnishing or oiling it, enabling it to dry completely before proceeding. 

Pressure Cleaning 

Thanks to the current notoriety of pressure washers, everything from your automobile to your patio may be pressure-cleaned to a smooth finish. 

If you focus on one area for far too long, you may damage the patio or flooring. While wood is durable, excessive pressure cleaning can ‘dent’ garden furniture. 

Investing in Bench Cushions 

Manufacturers make wooden furniture with one purpose: to allow individuals to rest on them and savor the experience. Several consumers purchase bench pillows and cushions to protect their garden benches and keep them looking attractive and functional.  

They help maintain the lacquer or varnish finishing looking fresh so that repeated reclining and pressure don’t dull the furniture’s beauty. 

Parting Note 

The outdoor bench is among the most economical and enduring garden furniture pieces. It will be the seat that you’ll most often utilize.   It’s easily maintainable, and the procedures to keep it looking beautiful are also straightforward. It’ll stay with you for many years, and if you implement these tips and advice, your garden furniture will continue to look fantastic

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