The Capacity Range of Solar Incubator

The Capacity Range of Solar Incubator

An incubator is primarily used to hatch chicken eggs, although people also use them to hatch other birds. Investing in an incubator can boost your business by eliminating the expense of purchasing new chicks. They are meant for small and large poultry businesses and hobbyists. The incubators have capacities ranging from 64, 128, 300, 528, 1056, and 3168 eggs.

  1. 64 egg incubators

This egg incubator has some features also found in large-capacity incubators. Although the smallest available on the market, it comes with a double-tiered tray where you can set the eggs based on how you want them to be hatched. Moreover, this egg incubator is both a hatcher and a setter.

  • 128 egg incubators

This egg incubator is a perfect choice for small farmers as it makes temperature control using digital control extremely easy during incubation. The ability to digitally control the temperature is required for a high degree of accuracy. Once it is preconfigured, you can be assured that the temperatures will be automatically adjusted without any effort.

  • 300 egg incubators

This solar incubator has a door with an observation window so that you can see the happenings inside without opening it. When you open the door, the detector activates the heater to compensate for the heat loss and maintains the temperature. The control system allows you to set the parameters easily. And the quality sensors ensure the maintenance of optimal conditions inside the incubator for a high hatch rate.

  • 528 egg incubators

For intensive poultry farming, a 528-egg incubator is a perfect investment. The cabinet-like build comes with a rust-free and durable steel chassis, which is laminated with plastic sides to provide thermal insulation and surfaces that are easy to clean. The incubator has alarm settings to inform you when the conditions or the temperature inside are below the optimal level.

  • 1056 egg incubators
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For successful incubator hatching, cooling is just as vital as heating. This incubator has two fans that allow cyclic air circulation to reduce humidity and maintain temperatures. The advanced control system adjusts during high temperatures by circulating cool air inside. This process causes minimal to no embryo damage. Besides, the heating and humidification chambers are kept apart inside.

  • 3168 egg incubators

This fully automatic incubator uses impressive technology to set the humidity, temperature, and egg turning inside. The heaters do not need massive power consumption because it is double insulated. Intensive poultry farmers who want more for their businesses but have limited space can take advantage of a 3168-egg incubator.


Purchasing an incubator is a crucial investment for a poultry farmer because it has varied benefits. Research is vital, and you need a thorough understanding of the basics before buying the incubator suitable for your business needs. A good supplier should be able to offer expert advice. Above are just some considerations to bear in mind; however, they are not exhaustive and conclusive. But it can serve as a good starting point.

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