How to prepare for a tenant moving in


Are you a landlord that has a new tenant moving into your home? We have to prepare ourselves when we have a transition in tenants. Even if this is the first tenant you were planning to deal with, you may be looking for ideas or tips. We want to make sure we do things right in the first place to avoid any type of future headache. Nobody wants to have to go through an eviction process with their tenant. There are plenty of big tenants out there, and there are landlords. That is why it is essential not to be either. The best thing a landlord can do is have a good-paying tenant for an extended period. Then, you can check off certain things to make sure you become the best landlord possible. Regular maintenance on your home can increase the value.

Repairing any damage

Is it the landlord? You must maintain your rental property. This means if they’re moving in and there’s slight damage done in the home. You should replace these before they get in there. The reason being is that that way, they are not responsible when they move out for old damage. Damage could include little things like a hole in the wall, broken windows, faulty cabinets, etc. You should also address any type of safety issues. For example, letting them know about fire exits in the home. As well as placing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors were needed. If you already have them in place, make sure that you check the batteries and that they are working. It is essential and crucial to have smoke alarms throughout the property. And areas like hallways or stairwells.

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Cleaning the property

You’re going to want to make sure that the home is clean before your tenant moves in. Nobody wants to move into a dirty house. This means cleaning appliances, countertops, and bathrooms. Do not be afraid to pull out your devices and clean behind them. Especially if you are transitioning to a new tenant. Sometimes the old tenant may not have cleaned the home properly. Either hire a company to do so or do the work yourself. If you have a multi-unit property, it is essential to clean things like stairwells and hallways. These become the dirtiest areas in the home. Especially if you have carpet on your property, you’ll want to get those vacuumed and steam cleaned. We’re moving any type of pet hair or excess lint throughout the house.

Plumbing and electrical problems

If you have not had a plumber or an electrician come out in a while. Or even had one come out at all. This is when you should get your appliances and utilities up to work and order. You should bring any type of heating system or cooling system maintenance. Have an electrician check all electrical outlets as well as electrical panels. Make sure that there are no faulty electrical systems in the home. Electrical fires are a prevalent thing that can happen. So being prepared and avoiding this could be crucial.

Reviewing and signing leases with tenants

The most important part is to make sure that you review your lease with your tenant. Go section by section, going over each close so that they fully understand it. There are plenty of times when there may be a misunderstanding. So nipping it in the budding nail is essential. That way, there is no confusion if there are problems that arise.

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Security deposits and rent

If you have a tenant moving into your home. It is most likely that you either ask for first last and security. You need to let them know that the security deposit will be held in an escrow account and delivered to them when they leave. Believe it or not but going over the monthly rent will also be necessary. Plenty of times, people think that the rent is different since they give a lot of money upfront. Also, let them know what bills they are responsible for and what you are paying.

Getting the inspections done as necessary

Most significant cities expect a certain amount of inspections to be done. Some will have lead reviews, where you will need to get an expert to come out and look at your home. Some states will require an occupancy inspection every 5 years. It’s essential to be up to date with what your local ordinances are asking to be inspected.

Changing old locks

Ensure that you have new locks on the home after an old tenant has moved out. Most people do not realize it, but some can copy a key. It is essential to start brand new when you get a new tenant. You should have a copy of the key, they should have one, and there should be a spare. Make sure that each tenant has a copy of the key as well.

Contact information

Each tenant that is moving into the property should have your contact info. You should be able to easily communicate with your tenants. In case of emergency, you must be able to get into the property. You should be able to give them enough notice or heads up if you have to do so. There’s sometimes a lack of communication between landlord and tenant. All this does is confused people and cause problems.

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Selecting the right tenant

If you screen your tenant correctly, you should have no issues renting to them for an extended period. You were going to want to find someone that is qualified and can pay the asking rent. If you do a good enough background initially, you can avoid any type of problem that may arise later on. Nobody wants to be the mean landlord that evicts a tenant. Being prepared is the best route to take.