The Benefits That Online Marketing

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The benefits that Online Marketing and Social Media tools bring to entrepreneurs will contribute, in a decisive way, to increase the possibilities of any project and will be a key factor in its success.

Starting an entrepreneurial project without considering a communication program that includes digital marketing is equivalent to starting your project with low expectations of success.

These digital marketing tools are not specific to a particular phase of an entrepreneurial project, but their usefulness extends from the birth of the idea to the last phase of the execution of the same. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits.

Preliminary phase

Although it seems that it has little to contribute in the previous phase of our project, digital marketing is shown, however, as a very interesting and useful option to strengthen and/or redirect our venture, like say agencia marketing digital mexico

Market research

Knowing the viability of a project is essential for any entrepreneur and having a market study as accurate as possible will prevent you from taking excessively risky steps.

For this, we need to have a wide and well-segmented sample to facilitate our work, and search engines and social networks are a very interesting tools for this task.

In them you can find surveys, comments, and questions asked by your target audience in forums or social networks from which you can extract very valuable information in terms of trends, market maturity, etc.

Likewise, we can redirect the project based on the results and locate possible niches or alternatives not initially contemplated. In fact, they can be used as a source of ideas for other possible projects.

Project Presentation

Once you have decided to start the project, the next need you will encounter is to give visibility to your venture.

It is useless to have the best product or idea if nobody knows about it or can evaluate it.

A good website and a blog with articles describing the concept behind the project, the objectives to be achieved, the problems that our product or service aims to solve, our competitive advantage, the additional benefits for its users, etc., will allow us to gain visibility and reputation.

Locating partners and investors

Another benefit that digital marketing brings to our entrepreneurship project is to facilitate the task of locating and contacting potential investors and partners.

That they can know your project, that it is easily accessible, and that it has virality in social networks will give a lot of value and will open more than one door.

A good digital marketing plan will make an essential difference in the treatment of your project by third parties.

Seeing that you have clear ideas, that you have clearly identified your target, that you are already reaching them and that you are creating expectations will be an important added value for potential investors and collaborators.

Launch phase

Well, we have already developed the idea and we have a product, investors, partners and a well segmented audience, from here we can take advantage of the benefits of digital marketing in a much more intensive way.

Creating expectations

Trailers, teasers, videos, ads, updates on social networks, etc., are ideal tools to create expectation before the product launch, creating “noise” around our brand and making it much better known.

This allows us to attract the public’s attention to our brand and differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

This way we will generate an important community that will help us to amplify the message and its reach.

Launching the brand

Digital marketing will enhance the expansion and recognition of our brand.

Again, a good website, pages on social networks with adequate activity on them, a blog, SEM, etc., are essential tools to make visible and enhance your brand.

Whether the customer chooses your product will depend, to a large extent, on the trust and identification that you transmit.

To do this, they need to get to know you and this is not possible if you do not make it easy for them to reach you and have an open conversation with your brand.

Of course, this implies dialogue. Launching a brand does not mean throwing messages, but attracting it and for this social networks are the ideal tool.

Product presentation

Once your brand resonates with them, they have identified your values and they start to trust and have interest in your brand, it is time to present your product.

Of course, this implies dialogue. Launching a brand does not mean throwing messages, but attracting people to it, and for this, social networks are the ideal tool.

Product presentation

Once your brand resonates with them, once they have identified your values and they start to trust and have an interest in your brand, it is time to present your product to them.

To make this presentation you have an irreplaceable ally in digital marketing. Articles presenting the advantages and features of your products, ads, remarketing, videos, etc., will allow you to present your catalog to your target with precision, power, and reach that would be difficult to conceive by other means (at least without spending a fortune).

Growth of your contact base

You know that “the money is in the list”, and the list will grow incredibly if you rely on online marketing. Creating interesting content gives you access to individuals, groups, forums, etc., interested in your products who will be encouraged to subscribe to your newsletters to follow your brand.

This gives you direct access to an audience that you know is interested in your brand and your solutions, with whom you can interact and optimize your promotional campaigns.

Marketing phase

Finally, digital marketing actions, and optionally an online store or an e-commerce application, are basic actions that should be part of your panoply of tools aimed at selling your solution and presenting the benefits it generates. Among others, we can see their effectiveness in:

Supporting the conversion funnel.

Generating content and pages focused on the needs of your potential customers, for each of the phases of the conversion funnel or purchase funnel, and showing the benefits of your product will increase the chances that they will advance through the funnel and make a purchase or recommend your product.

It will also allow you to know the leakage points of your prospects and create alternatives for them, either with new products or by optimizing messages and content for them.

Expansion of the potential market

Another fundamental benefit of online marketing, and especially content marketing, is the increase of the potential customer base.

Creating good content in a professional manner will awaken interest in them and generate organic traffic that will take your message to unsuspected customers.

Social proof

More than 80% of consumers trust the comments of other users, so the use of social proof and recommendations is something indispensable that you should contemplate, promote and encourage in all your channels.

So if you already have a product or service that has proven its worth, working with those recommendations and using them in ads, social networks, email marketing, etc., will make your products more valued and open doors that would otherwise remain closed.

Brand image control and management

You can also use the Internet to monitor what is being said about your brand, and the opinions of both happy and dissatisfied users, and act accordingly to continuously improve your brand image among consumers.

Online marketing is an absolutely necessary element to help you find your place and to differentiate you from your competition, presenting your brand, and making your differential value proposition and your competitive advantage visible to your market. Not including it will result in the loss of a lot of opportunities.

As you can see, digital marketing is an ally that you have to include in your entrepreneurial suitcase before starting your journey. You are going to need it.

And if you are still not convinced I leave you an interesting video of Juan Merodio about it. See you soon.