The Advantages Associated With Oil Control Moisturizer

oil control moisturizer

If you’ve got oily skin, you might be of the mindset that moisturizer is simply something that you should skip when carrying out your skincare routine. That’s because many brands are just too thick and can end up exacerbating the problem, rather than helping it. However, that’s not the case with oil control moisturizer.

The misconception is that shiny-looking skin (even if oily) is something that just needs to be put up with, with the sufferer simply needing to carry around blotting paper as a solution. However, this type of moisturizer is a product that can take care of the excess oil while providing hydration.

Not what oil-control moisturizers offer? Here we look at just a few of the main advantages that come with using such a product.

A Clear Complexion 

No matter if your skin is oily or not, it still needs to be cared for. The issue is that when you’re not able to moisturize your skin, it gets dry and when that happens, it begins to produce excess amounts of oil because it ‘thinks’ that it’s too dry. This then inevitably leads to breakouts.

When you apply oil control moisturizer, it’s water-based, so it’s able to provide the necessary hydration that stops your skin from unnecessarily creating too much oil of its own. 

Your Pores Stay Clear 

Another great aspect of being water-based is that it can be classed as non-comedogenic, meaning that will nourish the skin without clogging your pores.

Even though it’s able to permeate your skin, a breakout won’t ensue, as its lighter consistency means that the pores remain nice and clear. That’s essentially one of the main benefits that an oil control moisturizer will provide you – much less chance of pimples forming. 

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Your Complexion Becomes Brighter

Many brands of this type of product will contain vitamin C too, so your skin gets another lift that counteracts the dehydration and stops your skin from looking older than it really is. That’s not all either, as water-based moisturizers like this help to promote the production of collagen – something that oil-based moisturizers can’t offer.

They Combat Free Radicals & Sun Damage

Something else that’s continuously trying to break down the structure of your skin cells is free radicals that come in the form of UV rays, air pollution and the things we come into contact with each day. UV damage in particular can be harmful to your skin’s appearance, so the protection that another of its ingredients – vitamin E – affords can really help. 

All in All, Oil Control Moisturizer Offers a Lot

When everything is broken down to its base elements, it’s not hard to see that an oil control moisturizer offers a lot to people with oily complexions. It allows hydration to be provided directly to the skin, which is at the heart of the issue. People tend to forget that oily skin isn’t hydrated skin, so they think that a moisturizer is the last thing that their skin needs. 

So, rather than simply putting up with that shine that your skin has because of excess sebum, reach for a moisturizing product that works. Millions around the world have already enjoyed the benefits on offer and you could easily be next if you’re willing to give it a go. 

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