Tech Tips: How to Get the Most Out of Your PDF Formatting

PDF Formatting

We’ve all been there. Working hard to format a digital document so that it looks nice and it’s easy to read, but opening it on another OS reveals a complete mess. All that hard work: lost!

The great thing about PDFs is that they look the same no matter what program is used to view them. All links, images, and formatting are baked into the document for identical viewing across devices and apps, no matter the program’s settings.

Want to get the most out of this versatile file type? Keep reading to learn the PDF formatting tips and tricks that will take your document to the next level! 

Adjust Text

PDF editing should be as familiar as editing on other word processors. The difference is the amount of control you have. As PDFs are generally design-focused, this freedom makes a difference even if you’re only formatting text!

In addition to standard text formatting tools like font and style options, PDFs allow for advanced spacing and columns. By creating text boxes instead of typing paragraphs, you can freely edit how every paragraph appears all the way down to its shape! This is handy when creating fillable forms, as wells!

Add Images

Adding images is much easier in PDFs than in other programs. You have a lot more options beyond “warp text” as well. You can place and adjust images with freedom, all without disrupting the rest of your formatting.

You’ll find an add image option under the Tools menu. Using it will unlock simple controls to align your images perfectly.

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Merge PDFs

You can save hours of copy-pasting by simply merging documents together. Whether you have several PDFs to combine or other document types you want to collect into one, the process is simple.

You can either use an online tool or navigate to the merge or combine files option in your editor. After you combine them, you can even reorder pages and edit them as much as you want.

On a related note, you can extract pages to save as individual documents from the Tools menu as well!

Convert PDF Files

If you’ve already mastered another program or you don’t have a PDF editor, you can always convert your document to a PDF later! This will ensure that anyone can open and view important files. Some programs allow you to save directly as a PDF, but others will need a converter tool. 

Tools like the Aspose PDF Converter can convert formats like HTML5 into PDFs for C# projects. There are plenty of online tools that convert PDF files back and forth into other formats; you won’t have trouble finding one for your needs!

Perfect Your PDF Formatting Now

PDFs offer you the ability to save documents with universal compatibility. This file type allows you to send important information with the assurance that all viewers will have the same experience. Use these PDF formatting tips to make your documents perfect! Now that you know how to edit a PDF, do you want to learn more ways to stay on top of the tech industry? Check out more articles on this site today! 

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